I recently had the privilege of interviewing a young woman for a new position in GNPI’s Joplin office. She’s a successful single person, so I asked her why she would consider taking a pay cut and moving 300 miles from home. She said, “Because I think this is what God wants me to do.”

 Wow, that’s faith! That is a calling!

For almost three years now, I have had the privilege of learning the stories of an increasing number of the 80 or so people in our global network. You’d find faith similar to the young woman I mentioned above as a hallmark of our teams around the world. This army of media-producing servants includes professionals who were formerly a geophysicist, an electrical engineer, a pastor, a stay-at-home mom, a school teacher, a missionary, and a musician. Amazingly, this is just the leadership from our regional centers. They, in turn, are shepherding staff members who have come with a calling similar to theirs.

Why is this significant? When we welcome inside our walls these men and women of incredible agility, creativity, determination, and faith who have a calling, it’s a game changer. A calling takes things we design, like strategic plans, metrics, and outcomes, and transforms them into the tools that God uses to accomplish building his kingdom!

Now that is a call worth answering!


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