Building Faith

Building Faith

Are you burdened for those who have no hope? Are looking for creative ways to share the Gospel with young people? The Lord is opening doors in areas where people are persecuted for their faith. Your partnership enables GNPI to make the most of a new opportunity for children in Muslim cultures to learn about Bible characters and to build their faith in Jesus at an early age.

The New Angle Media Project is currently being tested in Indonesia among their population of 95 million Muslims and includes interactive children’s stories from both the Old and New Testament. Once complete this project will be replicated within some of the hardest-to-reach nations on earth. Our ministry partners even designed a follow-up system which includes a button for app users to delete the programs if they sense danger.

Studies indicate the audience with the greatest potential for growth on Facebook is Muslim women. Imagine these women using their phones to share the animated stories with their children. The potential is amazing.

Thank you for helping to share the Gospel in meaningful ways with people of all ages!

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