Behind the Scenes (The Boundless Message of Jesus)

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Behind the Scenes (The Boundless Message of Jesus)

by Greg Fish, Creative Media Designer

As you can see from this video, our Creative Team’s filming on location at Union Station in Joplin, MO, was a smashing success! Yes, those words were carefully chosen.

IMG_1031I turned my TV on to watch a basketball game and noticed a rainbow of colors. It looked fine before I turned it on.

Then I noticed a very small crack in the bottom of the screen. The tiny crack made the whole thing unusable. As my kids were playing with the nerf guns I gave them for Christmas, I realized that one of those small darts caused this damage. What could I do? Could I sell it for parts? Well, how about we take a sledgehammer to it and film it?

That’s what led to the securing and setting up of our film location, and you can see it all on the video. However, we needed a good reason to do all this. It was a chance to contrast the vision of GNPI, carrying the boundless message of Jesus through its positive use of media. To see The Boundless Message of Jesus video, click here. For now, check out the behind the scenes featurette.

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