Blackboard versus Tablet

//Blackboard versus Tablet

Blackboard versus Tablet

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

The world is indeed going digital, but the migration is a process. Many do not have a mobile phone or access to the Internet for a variety of reasons.

Some only have a “dumb” phone; labeled such, because it does not have the technology to access the Internet. Others have a capable phone, but lack technical or geographic access to allow onboarding of the Internet. A small number of people have the resources but are cut off due to government restrictions. Then there are the millions who simply cannot afford any type of cellular phone or Internet access.

This “blackboard versus tablet” article that addresses this global challenge. GNPI works not only to produce culturally appropriate material but to do so on a platform the majority of people can access in their particular community or country.

I’m told that since going viral, this teacher and school received technological help. I wish the response was as quick with spiritual help, don’t you?


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