Biblical and Relevant

//Biblical and Relevant

Biblical and Relevant

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Longtime pastor, professor, and Promise Keepers speaker Howard Hendricks said,

“It is not too difficult to be biblical if you don’t care about being relevant. It is not difficult to be relevant if you don’t care about being biblical. But if you want to be both biblical and relevant in your teaching it is a very difficult task indeed.”

That’s exactly our task at GNPI, to be culturally relevant and biblically sound.

I’m reminded of a story some years ago in Kenya where a newly released music video entitled “In the Name of Jesus” was delivered to one of the local broadcasting stations. The program director loved it, but asked if we could remove about half of the statements referring to Jesus.

He had counted each one! The GNPI staff person sadly declined explaining this was how the song was created. He felt dejected as he started to return to the office with the master copy. Once outside, however, a courier was sent to stop him and said, “My boss said, ‘We will play it, but it will probably cost me my job.’ ”

The music was played, and while some criticized it, the vast majority of the audience loved it. It soon became a national hit on Kenya’s Christian music scene. God rewarded faithfulness in spite of criticism.

Being biblical and relevant offer a unique tension in any society. The mandate from the apostle Paul still stands, “…to speak the truth in love.” This is our prayer for all GNPI media offered around the world.

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