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Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Nicosia is a quiet city of 250,000 in Cyprus. As time marches on, it is a strategic city for business as well as Gospel proclamation. Turkey is in the distance, and the airport in Larnaca, Lebanon, is only a half-hour flight away while Cairo is an hour-long flight away.

Cyprus is in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region of the world. A member of the EU (European Community), it is essentially neutral just as Switzerland is for many countries farther to the west.

GNPI has been seeking new partnerships in this region, and the Lord has provided. A recent trip revealed the thrilling news that The Global Gospel has been well received in the Arabic and Farsi languages, and these versions have been reworked and scripted for television for children.

The program director of a major broadcaster told me that these Jesus Stories were the best biblical content they have ever broadcast. He asked not only for Arabic, but also for the Farsi and Turkish editions of this made-for-kids television series of 13 half-hour episodes.

Contrary to the general news reports, God is working, and it is a joy to be a small part of that story.

Interested in helping us produce the Turkish version? Head to and write “Turkish” in the comments box when you make your gift.

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