Behind the Scenes with Liam & Ruby

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Behind the Scenes with Liam & Ruby

What a project this has been! To say we are excited that this brand new, animated kids series is complete and ready for you to download and use (for free!) is an understatement.

Liam and his little sister, Ruby, are two adventurous kids who discover a treasure in their grandparent’s attic: a Solar Kit. They are fascinated as they learn about how Grandma and Grandpa used the Solar Kit when they were missionaries in Africa, and, through the Internet, they get to talk to Manee, who builds Solar Kits and distributes them in India.

Animation is serious business and we think you’ll enjoy this “behind the scenes” look at just a bit of what it takes to bring the characters in the Liam & Ruby series to life. We hope you download all six episodes and use them with the kids at church, whether in Sunday school, children’s church, VBS, or other ways. If you would like a complimentary DVD of this series, contact us at 417-782-0060 or email

Liam & Ruby will get your kids interested in missions!

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