Behind Bars in Kenya

Behind Bars in Kenya

Do you know anyone who wants to break free and be transformed? The topic of transformation often resonates with those behind bars. Your partnership with GNPI is taking the hope of God’s Word into the lives of people in despair.

Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya, writes, “Christian workers with a prison ministry used one of our productions, Dume Halisi, to minister to nearly 2,000 officers in the Prisons Staff Training College (PSTC). They were able to have some good discussions about what it means to change courses in life. Dume Halisi is a film about how some men mistreat women and neglect their children, but the men make significant changes through counseling and training sessions.

Our ministry partner also showed this same video to 125 juvenile inmates from the Youth Correctional Training Center and the juvenile remand in Kamiti Command Prison. The film led to helpful conversations with the youth about the role of fathers in their lives.

Thank you for sending Christian media into all kinds of places, even restricted areas.

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