Baltimore and Kathmandu

//Baltimore and Kathmandu

Baltimore and Kathmandu

A recent natural disaster has left more than 5,000 dead and 10,000 injured in Nepal; these counts seem to rise daily. Yet, close to home, our news media remains highly focused on the sad situation unfolding in Baltimore.

Both situations are serious, for many reasons, but what’s at their core that makes them critical? At the heart of these heartbreaking situations are real people with a real need for Jesus. Only Jesus has the power to transcend despicable living conditions in Nepal. Only Jesus can demolish hateful actions and the misunderstandings that so often damage our relationships.

Consider this: of Nepal’s 28 million people, less than 250,000 are Christian; 252 of its 263 people groups are unreached with the Gospel. Also weighing heavily in the balance is the growing number of people in our land who won’t even set foot in a church today.

The Nepal earthquake and the Baltimore riots underscore the urgency of getting God’s Word to the world while there is still time. While hundreds, even thousands, are ministering to relational and humanitarian needs in Baltimore and Nepal, God has given GNPI the task of speaking into the lives of those who’ve never heard the name of Jesus. This includes the 27.75 million non-Christian people in Nepal and more than two billion others on the earth.

We don’t know when the next disaster will send thousands into a Christ-less eternity. However, we do know that we are all one day closer to Jesus’ return! Lord, help us be aware and sensitive to the physical, social, and eternal needs of all.1

1  Some statistics from Dr. Jim Denison as reported in the “Denison Report” May 1, 2015.


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