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Prayers & Praises

. . . On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us, as you help us by your prayers . . .” — 2 Corinthians 1:10-11

An Eye Opener!
Praise God for new outreach opportunities to young people! Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Kenya recently received this letter from Deputy Director Erastus Moturi Sorobi of Partners In Christ (PIC KENYA), “Thank you, GNPI-Kenya, for the kind support of a Solar Kit for a week. We are indeed thankful. We requested a Solar Kit in preparation for a mission trip to the Teso community near Uganda. We invited children for special film showings and found the Solar Kit was very handy. The numbers of kids increased on a daily basis as they shared information about what they watched. In the afternoons, we had a very big turn out of high school students. They watched films like Tough Choices and Promise of Love, and afterwards they discussed the films. We had two days of watching films with the high school students, and it was indeed very fruitful. By the end of that week, they wanted to watch more Christian films of that kind. The Solar Kit became an eye opener to PIC, and we are looking forward to partnering with GNPI-Kenya again in December for more films and more effective ministry.”

Insights for India!
NOMaD Coordinator Jason Miller has just completed two different trainings in India. Please pray that those newly trained will have wisdom, creativity, and new insights to share the Gospel effectively.

A Project for Pakistan!
International Director Bob Sartoris reports, “Our partners in Pakistan have received the files and are ready to begin work on the recording of the Sindhi version of The Global Gospel soon. These new partners are very excited about this project and look forward to having it in their ministry arsenal!” Please pray this project will be a great tool for evangelism in Pakistan.

Proven Transformation!
Gustavo Velázquez of GNPI-Mexico shares this validating testimony about Freed by Blood (Raziel). The viewer writes, “This man is called Raziel, and I have known him very well since childhood. Everything that happens in this video is true. I saw when it started to come together with the greatest people in the neighborhood. It gives me great pleasure to see that Raziel has changed. Now he is respected, and I feel great admiration for him as he has proven his transformation shamelessly through this film. I want you to share this video so others can see and share it too.”

Sharing Truth!
Simmi Dhingra of Chandigarh, India, writes, “We continue to ask for your prayers for God’s guidance, protection, and good health for all our workers as the fall programs begin. This is a busy season, and we are excited about all the ways God is opening doors for us to share his truth with more and more people. Thank you for partnering with us as we teach Christ.”

Strategic Praying

We often build a lot of strategy into executing plans that we’ve made. Often these strategies are well-thought-out responses to the convergence of where we want to go, and the factors all around us that influence us getting there. What if we made prayer and concern for those who are outside of Jesus, even those persecuting his people, one of the areas of our lives in which we got really strategic?

Strategic PrayingThink about these facts:

  • Jesus asks us to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us as followers of his. (Matthew 5:44)

  • Jesus used an audible voice, blinding lights, and a miraculous healing to get the attention of one of the most dangerous and feared opposers of the early church – Saul of Damascus. (Acts 9:1-19)

  • Jesus said, “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” (John 14:13)

Imagine if we prayed to Jesus for the ten Muslim leaders listed in the document linked below who, like Saul, are threatening the church. Imagine if Jesus would visit them, get their attention, and eventually their allegiance. Imagine if Jesus stepped in and caused one, five, or all of them to convert, like Saul did to Paul. Just imagine!

It may sound like it’s beyond possible, but consider this last fact:

  • Nothing is impossible with God! (Luke 18:27)

Pray that God brings a harvest among even those who are persecuting his people!


Please look at this intriguing document:
10 Muslim Leaders you need to know (Joshua Project:IncontextMinistries).pdf

What A Great Day!

The campus where GNPI and several other ministries are located in Joplin, Missouri, was on the receiving end of great acts of kindness this past Sunday. A church in Joplin, College Heights Christian Church, and a few others in the area hold an annual event they call the Great Day of Service. They go out into the community as the Church and lend a helping hand to individuals and organizations wherever needed.

photo 2

A group came to GNPI to help do whatever needed doing. As you can see, one of the things they did was chop wood. There are several acres of woods on the campus, and some trees had died and needed to be cut down.

What a Great Day BannerThank you, CHCC, for your help each year. We appreciate you!!!

Thanks from Togo!

by Kpowbie Daniel, Christian worker in Togo, West Africa

We have been very busy in the past days as we had a team of 17 people from the Lexington Christian Academy visit us for almost a month. We did a lot of evangelism, and two new churches were started in two different locations. Later we went back to the two new churches and found they had grown. There were 111 people attending the first church and 102 attending the second one.

The Solar Kit was so useful in achieving this.



In this picture, we were visiting three weeks later with some gifts for the kids. We still have a lot of programs in the next couple of months.
My partners, to whom I gave one Solar Kit, are very busy working among the Muslims in the central region. Keep praying for us.

Director of Operations Tom Nutt responded to Kpowbie, “Thank you for the report. May God’s name be glorified through the starting of the two new churches. We will indeed pray for both of these churches and those who have accepted Jesus and have been immersed in Christian baptism. What a blessing to hear and what a blessing to know that a Solar Kit, provided by friends in the US, helped make a kingdom impact in your beautiful part of the world. May God continue to use you to help his kingdom grow!”

Dreams and Visions

The early church began in what is now known as the Middle East and north Africa, but that region has had little or no access to the Gospel for centuries. Today, four out of five Muslims have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. Some estimates say that only one to ten percent of all missionaries are working among Muslims! This translates to roughly one missionary for every million Muslims. However, more Muslims have become followers of Jesus in the last 25 years than in the previous 1,250 years!*

Dreams and Visions

Many Muslims who become followers of Jesus report having had dreams about Jesus. In the dreams, Jesus tells them of his love for them personally and he reveals how his death on the cross translates into eternal life for them!

Sarah, (not her real name) is a Muslim seeker. One team of Christian workers have been studying with her for some time. During a Bible study, Sarah surprised the group when she said that she didn’t understand why anyone would have a hard time understanding that Jesus is God’s son. She said that she had believed the Truth from their second meeting and that she had been sharing what they study and what she reads on her own with her grandparents. Sarah’s grandfather, a devout Muslim, confessed that he is enjoying what she is reading to him from God’s Word to the point that he would rather hear her read the Bible than watch TV or anything else, yet he remains true to Islam. Someone suggested she should ask him if he had ever had a dream of a man in white, Jesus.

Sarah then told the group that her husband’s grandfather told of a dream that he had repeatedly throughout his life, a dream of a man in white (Jesus) offering him water from a well. The grandfather looked for this man and never found him. The grandfather died looking for him.

Friends, we need to remember to ask God for this nation that came from Ishmael. Even though few missionaries are working among Muslims, God is speaking to Muslims through their dreams just as he spoke to Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Peter, John on while on the island of Patmos, and many others in the Bible.

Please pray for more dreams and visions, and pray for more Christian workers to answer the call to work among Muslim people.


*Information gathered from

Prayers & Praises

“Come, let us tell of the Lord’s greatness; let us exalt his name together.” — Psalm 34:3

“They repented and accepted Jesus as Lord!”
Protus Sibukule of the NOMaD team in Eldoret, Kenya writes, “We were so encouraged when a couple openly confessed that the Dume Halisi film was showing just what was happening in their marriage. After confession, they repented, and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Praise Jesus! We prayed for them and gave them a Bible to guide them in their spiritual walk. We glorify God for the wonderful media tools that he has given us! We continue to thank God because of GNPI’s continued prayers and support.”

Outreach to Married Couples!
Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, shares about their next series. Manee says, “Zindagi Aaj is a 13-part series that is designed to explore problems facing married couples of different age groups and socio-economic settings in the cultural context of India. Some of the problems can be deemed cross-cultural, such as exploring issues of trust and fidelity. Other problems, such as the impact of extended families, can be deemed as specific to the cultural setting of India. The series is being filmed in Hindi, which is the primary language of India, and will be broadcast on cable TV as well as made available on our Website.” Please pray for God to provide all the resources for this project.

Juggling Schedules!
Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Philippines shares, “Thank you for your prayers. We are done with the interviews for our WWJD episode on Stress Management, and we are now writing for the script for it. Our resource person, who postponed the interviews twice before because of illness, was healthy and bubbly. Please pray for our resource person for the Career or Calling episode also. It’s really been difficult to coordinate with her schedule.”

“Work steadily and keep focused!”
Jesca of GNPI-Uganda writes, “Praise God! Everything here in Mbale is going well. Episode two of The Life of Christ project is in the editing process. The Communication and Media class with LIU students is also in progress. In addition, we are working on our strategic plan for 2014-2015. Keep praying for us, that all these changes will not affect our ability to work steadily and keep focused for the kingdom of God. God bless you all.”

“Congratulations on this excellent film!”
Gustavo Velázquez of GNPI-Mexico received this positive feedback recently about No Alternative. One viewer wrote, “This is a very good film to raise awareness in our youth and parents too. We are always asking God to give us wisdom to counsel the children.” Another wrote, “I liked the movie. I did not know about murdering the fetus. This movie is educational, and it is very good to evangelize. Producers, God bless. Another viewer wrote, “Congratulations on this excellent film with a message for youth and parents. Move forward in the ministry that God has entrusted to you.”

Greater Impact

Isaac Masiga, Regional Director of GNPI-Kenya

We have been praying for wisdom about how to reach the neglected and forgotten Ogiek community of central Kenya. One of the biggest challenges is communication. Most of them do not know Swahili, English, or any other indigenous language apart from their own Ogiek mother tongue. We have a contact person who is a local missionary among them. We wanted to reach out to them using Solar Kits.

Greater Impact2

God answered our prayers in a wonderful way.

We did go to the Ogiek community several weeks ago, and we were received warmly.

The Solar Kit empowers ministers who go to remote areas to have greater impact.

Greater Impact1

One church leader told us that the Solar Kit had very important information. This leader said that by watching the film on the Solar Kit, the girls have learned how they can avoid being tricked into immoral habits and spoiling their futures. Another church leader from West Pokot County said, “It was a small box. One could not tell it could do great wonders. When they opened it and did the set up, I realized it was something important mostly for our pastors, but also for our county government leaders to use at church and to teach our children.”

Here is a small video report on the work we did with the Ogiek community using a Solar Kit.

Thanks for your continual support and prayers.

A Glimpse into Uganda

While visiting Uganda, Sir Winston Churchill, Britain’s prime minister during World War II, dubbed it the “Pearl of Africa!” There was no mistaking why. The beautiful landscape and fertile soil along the base of the mountains and along the great Nile River was inviting to many Western farmers relocating to start new coffee and tea plantations.

Uganda was thriving in many ways. In fact, at one time, the majority of African doctors practicing on the continent were educated in Uganda! After independence from Britain in 1962, decades of corrupt leadership caused Uganda to sink economically, socially, and spiritually.

Today, that tide is turning as Christianity once again gains a prominent place within the culture. In 2009, missionaries in Mbale, Uganda, invited GNPI to build a production center to aid in multiplying their church planting efforts.

The result? The number of church plants has grown from 200 to around 1000. These wise missionaries understood the truth that media can accelerate global evangelism!

Today, GNPI-Uganda in Mbale produces and distributes Christian audio and video content. It is also a training center for communications students at another bright spot in Uganda, the up-and-coming LivingStone International University.

Isn’t that encouraging? GNPI-Uganda is strategically located in a city with a growing Christian university in a country that is being revived!

Pray for continued revival in Uganda!


Solar Kits in South Sudan

We talk a lot about Solar Kits here at GNPI. That is because this little invention has been a game changer for many missionaries and national Christian workers. In places like Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, India, and the Philippines, a Solar Kit will draw a crowd just because of its ability to show “moving pictures” on a bed sheet, or the side of a hut! Once people settle in to watch the “show,” they hear the message of the Gospel, and hearts are impacted.

Eddie Gonzalez is a missionary in South Sudan who received two Solar Kits from GNPI. In this short video produced by GNPI-Uganda, Eddie shares about the impact those Solar Kits are having.

Moving and Changing to Share Christ’s Message

By Tom Silkwood, Regional Director of GNPI-Thailand

We have completed a new Biblical Extension Course (BEC) program on Christian unity with Mr. Boonsak Tongdee. In addition, our partners at Freedom Films have finished a new testimonial program in the Changed series featuring Mr. Boonsak.

Moving and Changing1

Moving and Changing 4201206_THA_Training_0026Mr Boonsak grew up in a strict, Christian home. When he left for college, he abandoned his Christian life. Then, in his second year of college, Boonsak happened to move into a Christian dormitory. From there he returned to faith in Jesus. Please pray that God would use these programs to teach and encourage many people.

Moving and Changing 3One of our most recent Changed programs features Panida Thongdi. She shares her testimony of how she went from being angry toward her father to a person who works in church ministry and now cares for her aging parents. She became angry with her father because he considered selling her to buy a house. She left her village and stayed with friends in Bangkok. Then she studied God’s Word, and she let God change her heart towards her parents. She lives a life of surrender, forgiveness, and freedom in Christ.

Several weeks ago, we uploaded Movement Everywhere #5. This episode is about how Pastor Nattapong is using his coffee plantation and coffee factory to influence people for Christ in his area. The fascinating art of coffee production is opening doors to share the Good News.

All these programs can be viewed on YouTube. (

My team is in the USA to visit an Asian church in Minnesota. This is a huge step for my coworkers, and hopefully, a potential new partner for our ministry. Our team is there at the church’s request, and the church is funding a majority of the trip.

My son, Jeff, and his family are doing well. However, Jeff has been shocked at what it takes to live here and the stress of it all. My daughter, Kari, and her husband, Dustin, now live here as well. Dustin and Kari are looking for new employment and have some opportunities that are very interesting. They are praying and trusting the Lord for their future.

All in all we are doing well and trust the Lord will provide, guide, and bless us as we trust him.