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Bamboo Worms

by Jeff Silkwood, PR Liaison for GNPI-Thailand

Bamboo worms are not what I was expecting to dine on when I agreed to travel to a remote Karen village in northern Thailand. I was invited by a team of workers from a local Thai church in Chiang Mai (a large city also in the north part of Thailand). I was surprised when the worms really did not taste bad at all. In fact, after the first grub, I found myself asking for another. I was told by Tee, who is the wife of the pastor from the church in Chiang Mai, that the Bamboo worms in the village were the best that could be found. I thought, if I am ever going to try a bamboo worm, it might as well be one of the best you can find.

Tee grew up in the Karen village that we were visiting and, in fact, still had much of her family living there. She and her husband have arranged many trips back to her home village to teach English at the local government school. While teaching English, they also were allowed to teach Bible stories and sing songs about Christ’s love for people. It was on one of these mission trips that I was asked to help. I was asked to take pictures, teach English, and show a film on the Solar Kit developed by GNPI. (keep reading to see the 30 second video of the Solar Kit in action below.)

Bamboo Worms

The village was without power, except for a few solar panels used to charge car batteries, which in turn powered light bulbs in some of the homes. This was the kind of village the Solar Kit was developed for. On September 15 I packed up all the equipment I thought I would need and headed up the mountains with the church team.

The first night there we were all introduced to the families we would be staying with. I was staying with Tee’s sister and her husband. They showed me to a mat on the floor next to a window, which was nothing more than a hole in the wall. They gave me a mosquito net and a couple of blankets as I prepared for bed. It reminded me of when I was a kid and my parents worked in a Thai village in another part of northern Thailand. The cool, night air was filled with sounds of insects, dogs, and pigs looking for places to sleep.

We spent three nights in the Karen village teaching English and sharing the story of Christ with the children. On the second night, I had the opportunity to use the Solar Kit. It was a great success.

Bamboo Worms3

Word had gotten out that a movie would be shown at the school, and children of all ages came out of the woodwork to see it. Some children were able to stay for the whole show, while others stopped in for only a few minutes as they hurried about finishing their tasks before bedtime. At any one time, there were around 30 children present. All were fascinated by the movie, and by the expressions on their faces, you would have thought each one was competing in a world championship staring competition.

Bamboo Worms2

The video shown was a cartoon bought from CBN Siam. They provide good, Christian material for the ages that were going to be watching the video. The cartoon show told the story of Christ, leading up to and including his death and resurrection. It was a good reinforcement to the Bible stories told during the days’ activities.

The Solar Kit system worked remarkably well. In fact, many children asked if another video could be shown. Although I planned to show another video, we ran out of time before I had the chance as we had to return to Chiang Mai.

The Sunday after our return to the city my family went to the Thai church. While there, the pastor invited me again to the village, this time at the end of the year. He stated there was another village he wanted to go to, along with his wife’s home village. He said, “It will be another good place to use your video system to show the message of Christ”. This time I plan to take the whole family with me. Sadly, Bamboo worms will be out of season by then. That’s okay though, as there is always something new to try in the villages of Thailand.


Prayers & Praises

“. . . Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” — Psalm 27:14


Coming Soon!
The team at GNPI-Mexico is preparing to show their newest short film about suicide at an annual youth event on November 1. Two hundred fifty youth are expected to attend. Please pray that God will use the message of the film to make a strong impact on these young people.

Making Optimum Use of Technology!
Ministry partners in India write, “We started Xpressions – the media unit under ServAsia with the help of GNPI, to produce media, particularly focused on evangelism and discipleship. We are overwhelmed by the responses we have received from individuals and organizations approaching us to help them produce media resources. We have plans to further train our students at Lakeview Bible College and Seminary, the next generation of leaders, to produce media resources, so they will know how to make optimum use of technology for the glory of God. We just finished training with GNPI. We have started several projects already, including The Global Gospel in Tamil and Telugu.”

A World Championship Staring Competition!
Jeff Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand was invited to join a Thai couple on a mission trip to the wife’s home village. Jeff shares, “We spent three nights in the Karen village teaching English and sharing the story of Christ with the children. I got the chance to use the Solar Kit. The word spread that a movie would be shown at the school, and children of all ages came out of the woodwork to see it. All were fascinated by the movie. By the expressions on their faces, you would have thought each one was competing in a world championship staring competition. The Solar Kit system worked remarkably well. In fact, many children asked if another video could be shown. The couple has already invited me to return to that village and to visit another one to show the message of Christ.”

Releasing Two Albums!
Pong Dang of GNPI-SE Asia reports, “Our new Gospel music video album will be distributed during the month of November. This album specifically aims to call back wayward Christians and to strengthen their faith. Moreover, it will serve as a tool to share the Gospel in music among non-believers. We have another Gospel music album (created for our 10 year anniversary of GNPI-SE Asia earlier in the year) that will be distributed before Christmas. We are making arrangements for that project too.”


Doing Great in Mbale!
Jesca of GNPI-Uganda writes, “We are doing great here in Mbale! We have been working on a project for one of our ministry partners. The project is for a missionary family in Uganda to help share about their work with their supporting church. Director of Operations Stephen Muturi is settling in well, but we still need to pray for him and his wife in this transition.”

Being Relevant Like Jesus

Barna Group, the premier research organization, recently stated that Millennials want to learn how to “apply their hearts and minds to today’s cultural realities…finding a way to bring their faith in Jesus to the problems they encounter in the world.” The article went on to say, “They (Millennials) don’t want their faith to be relegated to Sunday worship, and this desire for holistic faith is something the church can speak to in a meaningful way.” Bottom line, they want to learn “about how Christians can positively contribute to society.”

What the Barna Group has discovered is the precise reason GNPI works side by side with global workers to create culturally relevant media local churches can use. RelevantWe want to express and portray Jesus in a way that speaks to a world that needs to see him through his church!

Think about this:

  • Jesus spoke to a woman drawing water about how he was “Living Water”

  • He called himself “the Bread of Life” after miraculously feeding a hungry crowd

  • He claimed he was the “Light of the World” after making a blind man see

Jesus taught in a way that made “cultural sense” to the listeners of his day. He helped people see, in their mind’s eye, exactly how he could make a difference to them. He made it easy to understand why he was chosen to bring life – and to bring it more abundantly!

We want to imitate Jesus, speaking into today’s cultures around the world with life-changing truths drawn from God’s Word.

If you believe GNPI is effectively taking on this God-given purpose, would you do me a favor?
Can you go to and write a review of our work? Their deadline for reviews is October 31. If you’re able to assist in this way, it will help us as we try to engage more people, churches, and other partners in spreading our culturally relevant media throughout the globe.

Thanks for the part you play in helping spread the message that Jesus is King in culturally relevant ways, as the Barna Group suggested, and for making a difference in our society.


A Virtual Prayer Walk

by Marsha Bacon, Communications Coordinator, GNPI

At the end of the day, do you sometimes find that your good intentions of spending that needed quiet time with God got lost in the hustle and bustle? I know for me, I long to spend time with God, reading his word, listening to his voice, and seeing his hand at work in my life, but I’m so easily distracted by the world outside my door.

Here is a beautiful video—an opportunity to take three minutes to quiet your mind and listen to God’s Word.

This prayer walk is located on the GNPI campus in Joplin, MO. If you live in the area, or are traveling through, we invite you to come and spend some time walking and praying.

Free Countdown Video

I run the computer at the church I attend and I am always looking for new countdowns to use before the services. We made this video into a 5-minute countdown. It’s free for you to download at (It does not include the scriptures.)

Surprising Ministry Connections

By Matt Brock, GNPI Director of Development

Last spring GNPI mobilized a Solar Kit to help Made In the Streets (MITS), a ministry in Kenya. MITS is a nonprofit organization that rescues children from the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, and provides them with basic needs and skills for later in life.

The Solar Kit has been so effective for the work there that we’re in the process of sending another.

Jackton Omondi, of Made In the Streets ministry in Kenya writes, “Thank you very much, GNPI, for the donation of the God-given gift of the Solar Kit. We were able to use it on several different occasions and places.

We have used it with our students showing The Jesus Film and for leading worship at chapel. We are using it to show evangelistic videos to our graduates on their house wall. We also use it at our house to watch movies and Bible stories on the wall. The most interesting showing was when we used it with our Maasai guards. They were surprised to see such a small thing without electricity projecting on the wall. It takes the solar power charger to fully charge the battery in an hour. We are forced to take good care of it because it is tempting to all the people that have seen it. We have nicknamed it, Technology Matin, which means small technology.”

Then I received this message from Steve Sherman, missions professor at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, and Chairman of the missions team at Otter Creek Church of Christ.

Hi Matt,

I was in Kenya last week and found out that two of our graduates from Made in the Streets are working for GNPI! That was a wonderful discovery! I still have a hard time seeing these young people moving from children living on the streets to young, beautiful, Christian professionals!

We have been blessed with a some wonderful employees with strong ties to MITS. What a blessing to be able, in a small way, to return that blessing through your generosity and ultimately, Solar Kits.

It’s a blessing to see God working in many lives and ministries to grow his church around the world!

Have a great story to share about how God has impacted your life through GNPI? Email it to us at

Prayers & Praises

“. . . open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” — John 4:35


Buddhist Leader Now Follows Christ! TP of GNPI-SE Asia writes, “Kolay came to my office recently. He lives in another township 100 miles away. He wanted to tell me how our tools are helpful in convincing people to see the true God. He shared his own testimony of choosing to follow Christ after being the head of a monastery. Kolay has told many others of Christ. Thank you very much for your unceasing prayers. Because of your prayers, God is working wonderfully among the people in this region.”

“I’ll definitely use this training to do God’s work.” NOMaD Coordinator Jason Miller has just finished a level one NOMaD training in Damoh, India. Jason says, “We had 15 trainees from five different states. We conducted the training in Hindi and English. I think some of the interviews and projects are the best I’ve seen in trainings so far. Some trainees had never touched a camera or computer. They’ve mastered it quickly and have come so far in a short time.” One trainee said, “I’ll definitely use this training to do God’s work. It’s helpful. I’m thankful.”

Increasing the Ministry! Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine writes, “The Lord is increasing the geography of the ministry. We are planning a conference for public school teachers, followed by a seminar for church ministers in the Zhitomir Oblast County. Please pray with us for these two events. Pray also for the School of Christian Apologetics and the Reliable Foundations Club. Continue to pray for peace in Ukraine.”

A Spectacular Evening! Director of Operations Tom Nutt receives messages from people all over the world who are using our Solar Kits. Tom Kilian of Mercy Partners writes,It is 11:00 pm, and I must share that we had a spectacular evening with a group while using the Solar Kit to show The Jesus Film in their language in South Sudan. There was quite a reaction of tears and screams and dropping to the floor as Jesus was nailed to the cross. A Muslim guard was sitting at their compound entrance to guard a government transmission tower. We’ve been told that he aggressively opposes the work of Christ Jesus. The group asked for us to worship right on their compound tomorrow, and we are very excited. We are working great as a team and enjoying this work as God is placing us before many who need the Message of victory.”

Connecting with Thai Coworkers! Two GNPI staff members recently traveled to MN to meet some Thai coworkers. Creative Project Coordinator Bryan Lawler writes, “I am very impressed by Woot, Nitt, and Ning and their servant hearts. One of the primary reasons for the Thai team to travel to America was to produce a documentary on the life and testimony of Dr. Vacharee Peterson. Dr. Peterson, through her success with her dental clinics in the US, has continued to support missionaries, pastors, and churches in Thailand. In addition, Dr. Peterson provides scholarships to students through the Thai Christian Fellowship.”

God’s Preparation for Ministry Transformation

By Sergei Golovin, Regional Director of GNPI-Ukraine

God's Preparation1

A big danger in times of peace is to take God’s mercy for granted.

When troubles come, we can see how merciful God is and always was. No one could predict what was coming in Crimea and Ukraine (except those who planned the disaster). Yet, the Lord was preparing our ministry for the change, even though we had no clue about it. Praised be God’s name!

God's Preparation 2

I expected the ministry transformation period to take 6 months, if not a year, until the two-campus approach would work completely. However, at our recent team Skype conference, we concluded that we are pretty well adjusted to the change already. It went smoothly because of the ministry reorganization the Lord arranged a year ago by making our structure more flexible and the development of proper leadership for every ministry aspect.  We have kept our focus on teaching, training, and discipleship, and the Lord continues to provide many opportunities.

God's Preparation 3

God definitely brings us joy in the midst of any troubles of the world! As an oriental proverb puts it, “The dog keeps barking, but the caravan keeps going.” A church in Kiev, where I teach and do seminars from time to time, has invited me to share the Word of God at their baptism retreat. Despite all the turmoil, all the wars and the rumors of war, the Lord is adding to the church daily! Praised be his name! What a joy to see the fruit from each of us by the grace of the Lord! As Paul put it, one plants, another waters; but God gives the increase! Troubles under the heavens make people seek the answers from above. God is already using the current situation for spiritual awakening in Ukraine. I believe, in a few years, the church of Ukraine will become a much more powerful agent for delivering God’s truth to every corner of Russia, and Crimea will be a special door for it! May the Lord continue to lead us and guide us in spreading his glory!

God's Preparation 4

We are reviving our publishing ministry as well, and plan to a print couple new titles this fall. We are considering our options of printing the books in Crimea, in the mainland Ukraine, or doing some in both places. Printing in Crimea seems more reasonable at this time. We have a developed ministry infrastructure there, and it is completely preserved. Please join our prayers for the ministry field expansion!

I am really excited about the new projects in Kiev for the School of Christian Apologetics and for the Reliable Foundations Club that are progressing. Please continue to pray for them, as well as for peace in Ukraine. We highly desire peace to come. Even if it will not, we will continue to share the ultimate peace and hope in the person of Christ! Your prayers are what we need the most!


Adversity or Opportunity?

Not that it’s ever overly encouraging, but the nightly news has been extra discouraging as of late, hasn’t it? As you hear stories from the Middle East (Israel, Syria, Iraq) and see the devastation inflicted by Hamas and ISIS, it’s upsetting. However, it’s not just happening in the Middle East. Tension between Ukraine and Russia continues. It’s happening at home in Ferguson, Missouri also.

Sergei ShadowI don’t know about you, but I cannot recall a time in recent years that such a gruesome array of news reports have come our way through television and social media.

Yet, as Jesus encourages us from Scripture, “Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world!” Amen?

I’m inspired by our friends around the world who take this to heart. Sergei Golovin is our colleague and regional director of GNPI-Ukraine. He’s currently classified as an Internally Displaced Person (IDP). He had to flee his home and ministry shortly after the Olympics and Russian takeover of Crimea. Sergei, his wife, Olga, and youngest daughter hastily moved to Kiev, Ukraine. Then, Sergei’s daughter became very ill for a season, and his wife had a major surgery.

Despite the tremendous personal trauma they’ve experienced, they have not been discouraged, nor has the team that remained behind working at the GNPI office. As they had to leave behind Sergei’s mother, and their house, they also left behind a call to GNPI staff to accept a leadership mantle for our center in Crimea.

These Job-like experiences could have stopped their ministry plans altogether, but instead, Sergei and his family have an even STRONGER resolve. Now, they see that God is preparing the way for great fruitfulness in his kingdom.

Lord, help me NOT complain! Help me seek ways I can honor you during life’s toughest times!

Sergei recently wrote me and said this:

“Troubles under the heavens make people seek the answers from above. God is already using the current situation for spiritual awakening in Ukraine. I believe, in a few years, the church of Ukraine will become a much more powerful agent for delivering God’s truth to every corner of Russia, and Crimea will be a special door for it!”

What the world sees as adversity, God often uses to create the greatest opportunities! Join us in believing that God is preparing to do some of his best work during such a time as this!


Media Resources Move People to Repentance

With every evening news broadcast, our world seems more bleak and hopeless than the night before. But as you support GNPI, prayerfully and/or financially, you ARE making a difference. One example of how you are involved in changing lives comes from Protus Sibukule, from the NOMaD team in Eldoret, Kenya.

Media Resources 2 copy“Recently we took our evangelism to Busia District of Uganda after having been invited by our friend who had earlier seen our Christian films. Indeed God is good. A good number of people turned up to our meeting which ran for two days, and the impact was great as many were touched and eventually invited Jesus into their lives.”

Protus went on to mention several video resources they used during the two days they were in the Busia District. One GNPI-produced drama called Dume Halisi tells the story of a typical husband and wife, and the socially acceptable, domineering attitude of many African men toward their wives. This can include bullying, extra marital affairs, and physical abuse. Protus describe the impact Dume Halisi had on one couple. Media Resources 1 copyAfter watching it, they publicly admitted that this was exactly what was happening in their marriage. Then they repented and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Protus said, “Praise Jesus! We prayed for them and gave them a Bible to guide them in their spiritual walk. We glorify God for the wonderful media tools that he has given us.”

Every time you make GNPI your choice to help reach the lost, it’s much more than just writing a check. You are partnering with a global network that is actively making the Gospel accessible to people who may not otherwise hear the name of Jesus.

Rest assured, you ARE making a difference.


Holiday Shopping with AmazonSmile

If you shop on Amazon, this message is for you!

Shop AmazonAmazonSmile ( is a site operated by Amazon that offers the same selection of products and convenient shopping features as When you use AmazonSmile, and choose GNPI as the non-profit of your choice, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the eligible purchases you make, which in most cases is everything you buy, to GNPI.

For one person, this may not be a whole lot. However, when multiple people use AmazonSmile, and choose GNPI, this can really add up!

It’s EASY to get started:

  • Click on this link:
  • If you already have an account with Amazon, you don’t have to create a separate login; use the same login and password you would use for your Amazon account.
  • When you’ve registered, the top of the page should read, “Supporting: Good News Productions, International.”

Shop Amazon Smile2

It’s that easy. AND, you only have to register once! The website remembers your selected organization!

As Christmas approaches, we may all be doing a bit more shopping. When you shop AmazonSmile, know that part of your purchase helped accelerate global evangelism through media and technology!

Thanks, happy shopping, and spread the word!