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Prayers & Praises

“. . . we know that this man really is the Savior of the world.” — John 4:42

Boys Town Showing!
Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Philippines shares, “Please include us in your prayers. We will be showing All Things New to Boys Town, a rehab facility for street kids this week. This movie is about how God transforms the lives of four street kids. Pray that God will use it to work in these young hearts to show the love and hope he offers. Thanks for everything!”

NOMaD Project on National TV in India!
NOMaD Coordinator Jason Miller reports that a project in Hindi, completed by one of our newly trained NOMaD teams, will be broadcast on national TV in India soon. It is the story of a widow who forgives her husband’s murderer. Praise God for his healing love and for this testimony.

Prepared for Change!
Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine writes, “A big danger in times of peace is to take God’s mercy for granted, but when troubles come we can see how merciful he is and always was. No one could predict what would happen in Crimea and Ukraine (except those who planned the disaster). Yet, the Lord was preparing our ministry for the change, even though we had no clue about it yet. Praised be his name!”

Making Progress in Mali!
Christian worker Jeff Frazee helps with the NOMaD team in Mali. Jeff says that they have completed the audio for the French (African) version of The Global Gospel. Now they are anxious to begin work on another major trade language in the region. Praise God for this progress!

Technology Matin!
Jackton Omondi, of Made In the Streets ministry in Kenya writes, “We thank you very much, GNPI, for the donation of the God-given gift of the Solar Kit. We were able to use it in different occasions and places. We have used it with our students in showing The Jesus Film and at chapel for worship. We also are using it to show evangelistic videos to our graduates. We are even using it at our house to watch movies and Bible stories. The most interesting showing was to our Maasai guards. They were surprised to see a small thing without electricity showing on the wall. We are forced to take good care of it because it is tempting to all the students, guards, and graduates that have seen it. We have nicknamed it Technology Matin, which means small technology.”

Fall 2014 Prayer Report

Here is a link to the printable version of our latest prayer report.

It is designed to be used as a prayer guide and/or for a bulletin insert. We praise God for the amazing work he is doing around the world!

Fall 2014 Prayer Report

“. . . be serious and watchful in your prayers.”  1 Peter 4:7

Production Team Praying in Damoh, India

Production team praying together in Damoh, India


Introducing Ignite Video Training! Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, writes, “Pray for the team as we develop new production material to address the needs of families. Another exciting project, which is almost finished, is the Ignite series. It will be translated into about five languages and will be a 3-DVD set. Ignite Video Training is a series of videos with the purpose of making disciples for Christ. The video series came as a result of the need for a greater number of disciples of Christ, rather than just followers, in the regions of southern and SE Asia. The focus of the Ignite video program is to empower, educate, encourage, and mobilize Christians to spread the Word of God.”


Greater Impact! Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Kenya shares an answered prayer. He says, “We did go to the Ogiek community several weeks ago, and we were received warmly with the Solar Kit. The Solar Kit empowers ministers who go to remote areas to have greater impact. One church leader said, “It was a small box. One could not tell it could do great wonders. When they opened it and did the set up, I realized it was something important, mostly for our pastors, but also for our county government leaders to use at church and to teach our children.”

Praying for New Believers! Jesca of GNPI-Uganda writes, “In the last three months, 1,479 people watched the Proverbs series, Promise of Love, and Tough Choices on the new Solar Kits, and 102 people gave their lives to Christ! These people are from different areas of Mbale. We are so grateful, and we pray that those people remain strong in the Lord.”


“Over 20 Young People Responded!” Gustavo Velázquez of GNPI-Mexico says, “The second presentation of the short film, Unleashed by Blood, was a great blessing. We praise God that the auditorium was packed. More than 330 people attended the presentation of how God redeemed and transformed the life of an addict named Raziel. Raziel himself was there and preached after the film. Over 20 young people responded to Raziel’s invitation to give their lives to Christ and have reconciliation with God. We are praising God for what he did in this presentation. We also thank God that we finished filming the third short film, No Return, in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León.”



My Cup Runneth Over! Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Philippines writes about a visit from a local pastor to let her know that approximately 30 young people made decisions for Christ after watching two WWJD programs. Nenette shares, “I am personally overwhelmed and greatly humbled to learn of the transformation happening among these young people. We had planned only for television, where the only feedback we could get was the ‘all-powerful’ ratings, the be-all and end-all of television programs. Yet, with this ‘small-time’ video showing at a church, it is a big bonus that we are able to see the impact on our audience and even see God changing lives right before our eyes. How could that ever compare to ratings? Praise the Lord! My cup runneth over!”

God Is Moving! Tom Silkwood, regional director of GNPI-Thailand shares, “God is moving! I met a man named Liahey at a meeting here in Chiang Mai, and he asked what we did. He lit up when I mentioned the Lisu BEC (Biblical Extension Courses) program. He knows of many Lisu in India and requested materials. I mailed Liahey a box of DVDs and gave him permission to duplicate them. Liahey responded, ‘Thank you so much for the 30 DVDs! The topical teachings will be really great ones to introduce to our church leaders here in India. I am very happy that you are working hard to make these resources available in our language.’ ”


A Grand Opening! TP of GNPI-SE Asia says, “Last week, I visited a village for the dedication of a new church. It encouraged me when I found they are growing in their faith in Christ and want to be involved in evangelism and Christian ministries. The church leaders asked about the possibilities of developing productions in their language. These church leaders told us they are growing more and more in Christ through the tools we have produced. They trust our productions and want more. If we can organize one tribe after another to influence the young generations by sound doctrine through media productions, God will be glorified. Please pray for us continually.”


Keeping Focus! Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine writes, “We are not losing focus on the main goal of our ministry. We keep working on preparation for opening a School of Christian Apologetics and starting a Reliable Foundations Club in the fall. Nevertheless, we would also like to go on with the FD-222 approach – to search for young, gifted, potential leaders who need training, support, and encouragement, and to mentor them in small groups or individually. The first attempt of a group meeting was pretty successful. Please pray for God’s guidance in this direction and for God to send the right people to work with us.”

Overall Ministry

Global Gospel Update! GNPI is working to complete The Global Gospel in the world’s top 25 languages by 2015. This series of 88 stories on the life of Christ has been completed in English, including English subtitles, Hindi (India), Urdu (India), Marathi (India), Gujarati (India), Bengali (India), Luganda (Uganda), Malayalam (India), Crimean Tatar (eastern Europe), Russian, and Ukrainian. It is now being produced in Spanish, Tagalog (Philippines), Punjabi (India), Tamil (India), Arabic (Egyptian), Arabic (Tunisian), Bosnian, Burmese, French (African), Indonesian, Mandarin Chinese, and Swahili. (See


A Glimpse into India

Know any great teachers? Chances are a great teacher is the reason why you chose your profession, developed a life-long passion for a hobby or special interest, and likely why you came to know Jesus. There’s something special about people who can take ideas and concepts and make them come alive to us. People who teach, especially about Jesus, deserve a place of honor in our society.

Teachers are given this high respect in the nation of India. It’s this veneration for learning that has given our series, The Parable, such high success and popularity.

The interest in the series comes in a place where Hinduism is alive and well and the worship of hundreds, if not thousands, of gods continues. The Parable series was effective in India because it allowed contextualized interpretation to occur between the pages of Scripture. This means people could easily apply what they were seeing on the screen to everyday issues and problems in their lives.

What would Jesus look like, who would he be, what caste would he be a member of if he had lived and taught in India? What would have been the hallmarks of his teaching and of his ministry in the community and in the country? Questions like these shaped what viewers saw. Finding ways Scripture could be portrayed in digital parables made all the difference for the Hindi-speaking population in India.

This impact was multiplied through access to local cable networks. While this great teaching reached thousands, there’s much work to be done. Only 2% of India’s more than one billion citizens follow Jesus. In fact, of more than 2,250 people groups in India, the latest numbers suggest 2,027 are still unreached. The need to make disciples in this great country is huge!

It’s going to take a lot of great teaching by a lot of great teachers. You know what? Your support of GNPI is helping people share the Gospel effectively. Thanks for helping GNPI accelerate global evangelism to places like India by providing Bible teachers with Christ-centered media content that answers everyday questions.


A Life-Changing Message Must Be Shared

Free food food does no good for the starving if they don’t know it’s available only a short walk away. Illness will persist for the sick if they don’t know about the treatment available just across the street.

The Gospel is a life-changing message. Yet, unless people hear, how can they believe and be saved? One man in India experienced this dilemma first hand. He had seen a DVD produced in Damoh, and it changed his heart. It answered questions he’d had all his life. He longed to share the message with his friends and family, but he was very poor and did not even have money to buy a bus ticket to travel to them.

David Lall, international consultant for GNPI, told us this story some years ago, but we think it’s still so relevant today. This man’s actions touched us when we first heard the story, and we hope you will be moved by his courage today.


Prayers & Praises

“Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.” —Psalm 147:5


New Developments!
Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh reports, “One of the major national satellite channels contacted us regarding the broadcast of our TV series, Nav-Chetna, based on the problems of youth. This channel has a vast national viewership, and we think that it is a great opportunity for us. We accepted their offer, and by the grace of God, found three sponsors who are willing to cover the broadcast fee. We have a prime time slot starting Sunday, August 3, for the next 13 weeks.” Praise God for this new opportunity!

Thank You!
Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Philippines reports, “Our recent appreciation dinner went well. Although we had a few last-minute cancellations (due to bad weather), the ones who did come got to know one another, made new connections, or just re-connected after 10 years! We were able to thank our guests, explain the ministry of GNPI, and give them our gifts. Thank you so much for allowing all of us to be part of this ministry. That sounds a bit cliché, but it is what is always in our hearts.”

Continually Amazed!
Jeff Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand says, “Mary and I are continually amazed at how God works things out in our lives. It causes us to stop and remind ourselves that we serve an amazing God. Now that this round of stresses are over, I also have to admit that without the difficulties, we would not have truly appreciated what God did in getting us through it all. We thank all who have been praying and supporting us as we start out here in Thailand.”

“I can’t begin to explain the excitement!”
Director of Operations Tom Nutt recently sent a Solar Kit to a Christian worker and received this note of thanks. Bob from Sierra Leone says, “I can’t begin to explain the excitement over this gift. I’m sure you can imagine what my coworkers have been carrying from village to village to show videos.” Thank you, GNPI partners, for the chance to provide Christian workers with tools to help them share the Gospel more easily.

Creator Camp 2014 in Crimea!
Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine writes, “With great joy, I am glad to say that the most challenging project of the year is completed! We successfully managed to arrange The Creator Children’s Camp at the occupied territory. The troubles of the world did not stop us. We just regrouped for new conditions. As usual, the camp was a testing field for new curriculum for camps, Sunday schools, and children’s programs. This year the theme of the curriculum was Creator of the Universe. We focused on the design of the universe, the ways people study it, and God’s plan for it according to the Scriptures. Various games, sports activities, and experiments helped kids have a lot of fun and learn the material effectively. At the end of the camp, the children gave a special performance at the church to share what they learned with parents and friends who don’t usually go to church. The guests received some of our books as a gift. Please pray with us for the seeds planted!”

A Smile in South Sudan!

by Bob Nunnally, IT Technician/App Coordinator


The huge smile on Nora Gen’s face said it all. She had just been given a digital copy of an audio Bible and some GNPI videos she could now play on her new mobile phone. Sharing the audio Scripture with her invalid mother, who was unable to read, would allow her to hear the Gospel in her own Madi language. Nora Gen was also excited because she knew that in the evening, people sitting around their huts would enjoy watching the GNPI videos and other Christian videos that had just been loaded onto her phone. She was eager to use her new phone to share the Good News of Christ with her family and friends.

In my recent trip to South Sudan, I learned that Nora Gen’s story has the potential of being played out all around the world. Mobile phones are penetrating every corner of the globe and becoming prized possessions of people who live in areas with few paved roads, little electricity, and a scarcity of safe drinking water. Missionaries and nationals are taking advantage of this amazing technology to share the Gospel with people who have never heard or may not know how to read. By using their mobile phones, people with little or no education can watch, listen, and share the wonderful news of Jesus with those around them.


A Glimpse into Kenya

Last week I invited you to come with me for a journey around the world to visit some of the places GNPI works, to meet our regional directors, and to learn more about the cultures and worldviews in which we work. First stop: Kenya.

The drama was entitled Dini ya Ukweli or True Religion. It was not exceptionally written or phenomenally produced, but was extremely popular with Africans. Why? Because this GNPI Swahili drama hit at the heart of an issue – the issue of religious men with dishonest hearts.

In this video, a local preacher (and friend of GNPI) plays the part of a shyster (and does it well). He is someone who takes advantage of the good intentions and ignorance of others. He is one who mocks his own culture, one laced with ancestral worship for the sake of making easy money.

People could identify with the film’s main character because it amplified his hypocrisy, and in the process exposed disingenuous hearts. At the end of the day, the African audiences who personally experienced or saw such shenanigans in real life knew they were not seeing what Jesus would do. True Religion was not an indictment. Instead, it was a mirror helping them see into their African culture, and it worked!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our stop in Kenya. Stay with me as we continue our trip next week with a visit to India.

God Is Moving!

by Tom Silkwood, Regional Director of GNPI-Thailand

I want to pass on this email I received from a man named Liahey.


I met Liahey at a meeting here in Chiang Mai, and he asked what we did. I mentioned our ministry and our programs. He lit up when I mentioned the Lisu BEC (Biblical Extension Courses) program. It seems that he knows of many Lisu in India and requested materials. Long story short, I lost his address, and it took a couple of weeks and numerous emails to finally track him down. I wrote him, got his mailing address, and mailed off a box of DVDs. I have given him permission to duplicate them. Liahey writes:

Thank you so much for the DVDs. I received 30 of them!

I have met a few of the Bible teachers. I’m so glad they continue to function as teachers.

Several of the DVDs have topical teachings like Satan, Resurrection, Offering/Tithe, Drinking/Alcohol.
I thought these will be really great ones to introduce to our church leaders here in India. Would it be okay
if I reproduce a couple of copies for their use?

 I am very happy that you are working hard to make these resources available in our language.

 God is moving!


Be Still and Know

Please check out our new video. We hope you’ll like it and share it with others.

Also, consider taking a moment right now to pray for the ministry of GNPI. If you would like some ideas of specific needs, click on the Group 5•16 link for our weekly prayer focus.

A Brand New Church

by TP, Regional Director of GNPI-SE Asia

Last week I visited a village for the grand opening of a new church. It encouraged me when I found they are growing in their faith in Christ, and want to be involved in evangelism and Christian ministries.


One family asked me to pray for their children to pass an important educational test, which is equal to completing 12 grades with distinction. The head of that family said he is praying that he will be able support a Bible school student next year.

The church leaders requested that we come and teach them once a year and lead an annual Christmas celebration. We also talked about the possibilities of productions in the Kanpetlet chin language with two of the leaders.

These church leaders told us they are growing more and more in Christ through the tools we have produced. They trust our productions and want more. If possible, they want us to produce materials in their language. For this reason, we have talked with a preacher who can teach and preach the Word of God in their language.

If we can organize one tribe after another to influence the young generations by sound doctrine through media productions, God will be glorified. Please pray for us continually.