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Media Multiplies and Empowers

Imagine your local school board gathering to discuss which new book titles are best for their teachers’ curriculum. Imagine a college faculty meeting to learn how to incorporate relevant Christian thought into their university culture. Our global partner is accomplishing this kind of impact with your help.

Dr. Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Eurasia is working to “shine the light of the Good News in the darkness of atheism and communist ideology imposed on many generations in our part of the world 100 years ago!

Sergei recently helped organize and teach at an international conference for leading Christian intellectuals who met to discuss various approaches to shift the post-communist world mentality toward a Bible-based worldview. All the sessions and seminars were recorded on video and streamed over the Internet. The resources are now available online and can be accessed by the people in remote and restricted areas. Sergei says, “It is amazing how media multiplies and empowers our limited efforts!”

Sergei was encouraged to see many of his former students now managing their own ministries or serving in the public offices to make a real impact on society.



Seasonal Plans

Do you ever feel like you are neglecting God’s Word? We’ve all heard the sermon that challenged us. We promised ourselves that we would go back and look up the verses in our Bibles or on our phones to study more, but the busyness of life hindered our plans.

The same human dilemma occurs whether we live in America, China, or Myanmar. Yet God is helping His people get into His Word with the phones in our pockets and purses. It’s easier than ever to access Scripture, and the completion numbers are proving that people who sign up for Bible plans in their heart languages are able to learn more about God and His Word.

These GNPI plans which you helped to fund are finding their way into the hearts of seekers in languages we will never learn and in countries we will never be allowed to visit. The GNPI network has provided content for discipleship plans on YouVersion in ten languages making the practical studies of God’s Word available to nearly 2.4 billion people!

The following plans focus on the birth of our Savior.








Min Nan:













Other plans and language versions highlight the life and resurrection of Christ.

Because of your partnership, more people have an opportunity to know Jesus Christ in a way they can easily understand.

Money Well Spent

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Each year after Thanksgiving we encourage our friends to devote a special gift to GNPI on Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a national giving day which prompted people around the world to give $168 million to charity last year. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

It seems like a big number until you see the next statistic. Giving Tuesday follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These two retail “holidays” generate about $7 billion.

Seven billion. That’s approximately the number of people in our world. Half of them are unreached. Imagine if we put a little of our shopping money into reaching the lost. What would the impact be?

We need $5,200 every day to operate the global network of GNPI. I’d love to ask our friends to fund one of those days through Giving Tuesday. Will you consider making a Giving Tuesday contribution right now to reach people with the Gospel? Our research shows that every dollar you give provides 43 people with a chance to hear about Jesus.

That’s money well spent!


Prayers & Praises

Thank you for joining the GNPI prayer team to impact the world.

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” — Psalm 27:14 (NIV)

Blue Whale Challenge: Project Nomad-Chennai, India, is using media strategy to combat the Blue Whale Challenge. This Internet teen suicide threat is impacting families not only on the continent of Asia but also in South America, Europe, and North America. The advantage of Project Nomad is that the teams are small and flexible enough to tackle new issues affecting their unique cultures. Pray for God’s powerful love to be revealed to teens and their families.

Initiating a Movement: Timothy P. of GNPI-SE Asia says,This month we are recording a Christmas message in Burmese and preparing evangelistic productions for evangelists and preachers throughout the region. We have completed our third month-long training for 14 Christian leaders. Please continue your earnest prayers as we work to initiate a movement for Christ in this Buddhist region.”

Media Multiplies and Empowers: Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Eurasia writes, “A highlight of the fall was the international conference on Scientific Evidences for Intelligent Design in Life and the Universe. Leading Christian intellectuals discussed various approaches to using the latest developments of science, medicine, education, and legislation to shift the post-communist world mentality toward a solid Bible-based worldview. All the sessions and seminars were recorded on video and streamed over the Internet. The resources are now available online and can be accessed by the people in remote and restricted areas. It is amazing how media multiplies and empowers our limited efforts!”

Sharing Say It Forward: Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Manila, Philippines, says, “Praise the Lord! We will be re-editing most of the earlier Say It Forward talks and posting them on Facebook. They were uploaded only on YouTube before. We have found Facebook to be the most effective vehicle for our videos, and we can track views and shares and even look at some of the profiles of our viewers. Some of the programs are being used in schools, Bible studies, and small groups.”  

The New Angle Media Project is currently being tested among the 95 million Muslims in Indonesia. It includes interactive children’s stories from the Old Testament and New Testament. When completed this project can be replicated within some of the hardest-to-reach nations on the earth. Please pray for funding for the next phrase of this promising production.

Our Faithful God

GNPI Founder Ziden Nutt recounts God’s provision over the last 40 years.

Your gifts have made a great impact this past year!

In dozens of places throughout Central and South America, Asia, Africa, and beyond, you are helping ministry partners to reach people with the Good News. Together we have:

• Partnered to start 47 churches.
• Rejoiced with our staff and associates over 336 decisions.           
• Accelerated global evangelism in 160 nations.
• Released 364 media productions.
• Distributed 218,073 Gospel presentations globally in multiple languages.  
• Touched 101,940,896 people worldwide with Christ-centered media.
• Impacted 43 people for each dollar donors invested.

Would you consider a gift to GNPI to make a difference in the year ahead?

Truly Surrendered

Your gifts to GNPI are changing lives! Wambi George from the Church of Christ in the Bulambuli District of Eastern Uganda shares how God used a GNPI production in the transformation of his marriage.

Wambi George explains,

Before I knew Christ, I got entangled in a lot of bad things. I was an alcoholic. I was promiscuous, and I also practiced witchcraft.

The movie called Ndume Halisi taught me a lot of things. I used to be so furious. I beat my wife every time she argued with me about anything. The movie has taught me to be kind and loving and to include my wife in decision making.

To all the other people out there, I would advise you to confess Jesus Christ as your Savior. Then go home and enjoy your marriages happily as I do today.

I thank God who has fought and won many battles for me. If I was still going in my old ways of witchcraft and all the other things, I don’t know where I would be, or even if I would be alive if it were not for Christ.

With your help, we can continue to show people like Wambi George the love of Christ in culturally relevant ways.

Propelling Church Planting

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Like many dreams, this one started small with a casual conversation. I met Sergio Alvarado while speaking at a missionary retreat. This young man from Pachuca, Mexico, has a passion for church planting and saw media as a means to that end.

We talked, planned, and prayed. Over time, GNPI invested training and tools to help Sergio create the Project Nomad-Pachuca, Mexico, team. Six churches were started as the team grew in size and skill level.

Sergio and some of his team felt the call to move to a new city and repeat the effort. This time the team is using media not only to propel their church plants but also to produce and prepare future Spanish-speaking church planters! Lord willing, May 20, 2018, will mark the launch of their newest church in Querétaro, Mexico.

From a short conversation over breakfast at a retreat center outside Pachuca, to a robust set of churches planted in that city and a vision to do even more from Querétaro, God is using Sergio and the Impacto Latino Network to bless many people. With your help, GNPI is honored to play a small part in these evangelistic efforts.


Prayers & Praises

Thank you for joining the GNPI prayer team to impact the world.

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade . . .” — 1 Peter 1:3-4 (NIV)

YouVersion Partner Portal: Praise the Lord! YouVersion recently released a new Partner Portal which makes it easier than ever for our GNPI network to create and submit plans. With the release of eight new plans in Chinese and Thai, four new plans in Cantonese, and a new plan in Burmese, GNPI now has content in nine languages. While all of our plans currently feature The Global Gospel, new plans will include other video content giving our regional centers another platform to distribute their materials to a larger audience.

Amazing Opportunity: Timothy P. of GNPI-SE Asia says, “Praise the Lord for the opportunity He’s given us to train 14 Christian leaders this month. These excited leaders will return to their regions equipped to train others in sharing the Gospel. Our staff is also finalizing a Thanksgiving program for churches in this region and making plans to distribute it on DVDs and social media. We are working on scripts for The Global Gospel in the Karen language as well.”

Building Bridges: Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya, writes, “Please pray for God’s wisdom for us as we focus on a project to encourage college students to remain strong in their faith and complete another project to reach out to Muslims.”

Every 30 Seconds: Project Nomad-Johannesburg, South Africa, is addressing the horrific issue of human trafficking with a video to raise awareness. The video aired this month on SABC 3 during the “Afternoon Express” program. The coverage area of the station included the entire country of South Africa. You are helping GNPI teams address important social issues from a biblical perspective within their own cultures. Please pray for opportunities in South Africa, and watch the video if you would like to learn more.

Reaching our Illiterate Audience: A pastor in northern India shares, “We thank GNPI for enabling us to share Christ through the enjoyable and understandable formats of media. Since our target audience is a part of the demographic in the field that is illiterate, they tend to appreciate Christianity visually and audibly instead of through reading. Therefore, the Solar Kits provided to us by GNPI have been a success. We want to make it a priority to ensure that our ministry partners cover as many village churches as possible with these Solar Kits so more and more people may understand the Gospel.

Catching the Vision

Your gifts are breathing new life into church planting efforts in the Philippines!

Paul Wilson and his wife have been working in the central Philippines since 1984. This island has approximately 100 churches, and the goal of Paul and the Filipino church leaders is to double the number of churches in the next three years. They’re challenging every church to have a baby. They are using technology, training, and livelihood support to provide for the workers in these new areas.

Paul invited some of the brightest young people from the different churches to come to Bacolod for GNPI’s Project Nomad training last May. Paul says, “These young people are adept at technology, and they were excited to get the training. A new generation is catching the vision to reach those who don’t know Christ and to start new churches.”

Thank you for helping to multiply churches in the Philippines through Project Nomad.


Tools in the Toolbox

The Project Nomad-Santiago, Chile, team wants to help Spanish-speaking churches grow and to provide quality media for their outreach.

The following video shows a sample of one resource they’ve designed. All of the material is available for free download in three lengths of 15, 30, or 60 seconds for use in audiovisual projects. The music is original. This project will ultimately include background elements along with instructions on how to put together a high quality visual presentation along with the audio background.  

Through Project Nomad, you have made culturally relevant media available to over 101 million people worldwide and shared the Gospel with 43 people for every dollar given.

Would you consider a $25 gift right now to enable Nomad teams to keep adding tools to reach more people with the Good News?