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Expanding Impact with YouVersion

YouVersion recently released a new Partner Portal which makes it easier than ever for our GNPI network to create and submit plans. All eight of our regional centers now have accounts where they can generate new content to be shared on YouVersion’s Bible App.

With the release of eight new plans in Chinese and Thai, GNPI now has content in seven languages. We anticipate several other languages and plans will be coming soon, and while all of our plans currently feature The Global Gospel, new plans will include other video content giving our regional centers another platform to distribute their materials to a larger audience.





Click on the icons to find plans about the birth of Jesus available on YouVersion. Current languages include: Spanish, Russian, and Hindi.



Making Disciples in South Africa

How do you reach youth in a multicultural country with 13 national languages and a declining educational system? Our young and creative Nomad team in Johannesburg is working to address the spiritual needs in their own culture.

Geoff Gordon-Stuart of Project Nomad-Johannesburg, South Africa

The following is a brief overview of our newest series.

We are in the final stages of editing and distribution for the next ten videos for the 42-Day Discipleship Guide series. Our Talents and Testimonies series continues to grow. We are seeking more speakers who bear good fruit and can be an example to the youth of South Africa.

We made a new contact regarding a potential series called the 5-Minute Theologian. It’s sound theology in an upbeat and fast presentation with a variety of speakers. The series is still in the planning and discussion phase, but we see the possibility for significant outreach for this project.

Thank you for your support as we continue to seek out opportunities for our team to reflect God’s glory so His Name will be great among the nations. Together we are making disciples in South Africa.


Reaching the World

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I appreciate resources that help me focus my prayers for unreached people groups around the globe, such as Abide, Joshua Project, and Caleb Project. I also praise God for what He is doing to provide biblical resources in the most widely spoken languages.















Through your support, GNPI is helping reach the world with
The Global Gospel. The impact is immeasurable. Thank you!

Prayers & Praises

Praise be to the Lord the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting. — I Chronicles 16:36 (NIV)

Sharing With Families: Timothy P. of GNPI-SE Asia writes, “Ten members of a local family came by our training center and asked us to tell them about the true God, so we shared we them throughout the day and evening using our GNPI resources. Pray for them to accept the truth and decide to worship Jesus Christ.”

New Disciples: Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Manila, Philippines, writes, “One of the presenters on the Say It Forward (SIF) series had a lady contact her about accepting Christ as her Savior! This presenter, Dr. Rhoda R. Formales, is now following up in discipleship. Another lady has made plans to meet Dr. Formales and talk with her about a problematic relationship. Dr. Formales oversees GNPI-Manila, Philippines, as a board member and oversees the use of the Nomad Production Kit at one of the local churches. Dr. Formales was unsure about sharing on SIF, but the Lord is working through our partnership.”

Spiritual Fruit: Geoff Gordon Stuart of Project Nomad-Johannesburg, South Africa, writes, “PTL! The progress on the 42-Day Discipleship Guide series is quite encouraging. It’s going out, and we pray that God uses the project to draw His people near to Him. We are already seeing fruit. Thank you so much for your prayers.”

Building Strong Marriages: Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, writes, “Our third episode of the Zindagi Aaj (Life Today) series is about the problem of equality and respect in marriage. Sometimes working women have higher-paying jobs than men. This causes some wives to treat their husbands badly, and lots of problems develop. Our program highlights this issue and offers some solutions to consider. We are working on post-productions of the first three episodes of the series and will schedule them for broadcast once all 13 are recorded. We are excited about the series!”

Public School Visits: Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya, writes,We have been revisiting area schools to follow-up, gather feedback, and record student testimonies. Pray for God to use us to help African students to know the love of Christ.”

It was perfect!


Dr. Ricardo and Chiquita Lemus from Joplin, Missouri, traveled with a group of dentists from Mississippi to provide a dental clinic for orphans in Matamoros, Mexico, in September. They took a Solar Kit from GNPI with them. Dr. Lemus said, “It was awesome!”


Several months before his trip Dr. Lemus had the chance to meet GNPI’s Matt Brock at a community event, and he came by our office for a tour. Dr. Lemus was impressed with the Solar Kit and made sure to connect GNPI with one of his friends preparing to go to Africa to do mission work. Dr. Lemus said God worked out the details so that he and his wife were able to take one of the Solar Kits on their trip.









Dr. Lemus said,

The Solar Kit was effective and very easy to use. We used it in the waiting room, so the orphans and the neighbors could watch it. The kids were so attentive. I watched their faces as they saw the scene of Jesus being beaten before he was crucified. The kids didn’t know Jesus suffered this way. It was powerful for them to see. I found that the Solar Kit made the conversations about Jesus easier because of what they had watched.

I’d like to take the Solar Kit again next year. I thought it was perfect!

Thank you for helping these young people in Mexico to learn what Jesus did for them on the cross. Your gifts made it possible for Dr. Ricardo to take a Solar Kit loaded with biblical Spanish resources on his mission trip.   

Contact GNPI at if you would like to help make the journey easier for other Christian workers.

Hey, Podcast Lovers!

Do you remember GNPI’s popular Venture in Faith series? These inspiring testimonies are now available for podcast listeners. The interviews were originally filmed in our Joplin studios over a span of 20 years starting in the 1980s. The stories from these individuals continue to show God’s power and relevance as they encourage a new generation.

Besides the GNPI website, you can also listen to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher radio.  

Opportunity of a Lifetime

A ministry partner who provided Project Nomad training in Inner Mongolia.

Thank you on behalf of these dear brothers and sisters in Inner Mongolia. You’ve given them a skill they’ve desired for a long time. Fifteen people were trained in basic production.

These are some of their comments:

God has given me this opportunity through GNPI and through the Nomad training.

I’m going to treasure this time.

I’m going to use the gift God has given me.

I’m going to use this training for His Kingdom.

Reflections on Prayer

  • Posted On October 31, 2017
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Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I visited Korntal, Germany, recently. Click here if you are interested in learning more about the deep Moravian history of this quaint village. This group of people prayed more effectively than most and sent more missionaries per capita than most. They knew how to ask! They proved through a century of practice that prayer and global evangelism are directly linked and can change the world.

Haven’t we all had this experience sometime in our lives? We prayed to God, but because we didn’t see any difference we thought He didn’t care or didn’t act. When we pray and nothing seems to happen, it causes us to lose desire and determination. We say to ourselves, “What’s the use?”

That’s not true, though, is it? Think about prayer with one of your children. When my son asks, I hear. Because he is my son, I pay close attention and have my mind fixed on what he’s asking. Though he may come back to me again with his request, he really doesn’t have to repeat it. I’ve got it.

Nor does he have to do anything special to make the request. If he’s dirty, he doesn’t need to get cleaned up. He doesn’t have to wait until I’m rested. No, he feels the freedom to ask when he wants.

Just as he feels the freedom to ask when he wants, as his father I choose to respond when it’s best. In my time. My time may not be the same as his. My answer may not be the one he would want. That doesn’t diminish the importance of the ask, though. I can’t read what’s in his mind; he has to make it known to me.

God’s not like that. He knows what’s in my heart. We don’t approach God in prayer for the purpose of informing Him of anything. We approach God with our heart’s desires because in asking, faith is exercised, love is shown, hope is expressed, and relationship is developed with the One who knows best.

Prayer exposes our desires and intentions. In response our Abba Father kindly shows how well our own intentions align with His own.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Jesus said it best in John 16:24, “Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.”

What do you think about this verse? What do you need? Have you taken the time to open your heart and directly ask the Father while remembering that He is God and the source of everything?

Prayer’s impact is not dependent on the piety or passion of the one praying but on the preference and power of the One listening.

That is good news!

Prayers & Praises

“Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind!” — Psalm 66:5 (NIV)

New YouVersion Releases: Praise the Lord for our growing relationship as a content provider with YouVersion. In the last couple of years, we have submitted Bible study plans in seven languages. The newest plans are in Chinese and Thai. To date, more than 31,425 plans have been completed on the Bible app which incorporate videos from The Global Gospel.

Visiting Villages: Timothy P. of GNPI-SE Asia writes, “One of our coworkers had an opportunity to visit a village with more than 320 Buddhist families to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, this coworker was able to meet the oldest and most influential monk and spend time with him. Please pray for the seeds of God’s Word to grow in this village.”

Planning for More Impact: Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, writes, “Our staff is working on plans for our Christmas 2017 program and discussing how we can be more impactful and productive in engaging more people than last year. Please pray we can make the most of this opportunity to broadcast the Gospel on national television.

Impacting a New Generation: Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Eurasia writes, “The first conference of the academic year at the Genesis Institute (an association of Christian professors from secular universities) discussed our book, Does God Exist? The presentation of another one of our books,The Physics of God’s Creation, raised great excitement as well. We are exploring the best way to incorporate Christian resources into education on every level from preschool to the graduate level. Please pray with us to make a great impact on the minds of a new generation through the post-communist system of education!”

Political Unrest: Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya, writes, “Please pray for the leadership of our country. The opposition leader doesn’t want to participate in the elections and is calling for reforms in the electoral commission that oversees elections. He has asked his followers to demonstrate daily, and most of them loot and damage in the process.”

A Changed Identity

Gayle Silkwood, Office Manager of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand

Amp was abandoned by her parents at a young age. She became quiet and withdrawn with only a few friends. She grew up feeling unloved and unneeded. Watch the following testimony to see how Jesus changed her life.

As an adult Amp has an important position with Upland Holistic Development Project, a foundation in Southeast Asia. Her job is to reach out to hill tribe people in northern Thailand. She markets and provides a means for them to sell their handicrafts. In her free time, she visits orphanages, plays the guitar, and brings food to a Christian care group for people with disabilities. The Lord is using this woman who had never before known love to give her love to others.

How has the love of Christ changed your life?