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Stories with Strategy

Stories communicate powerfully with people of all ages. You may have noticed how they are especially effective in teaching children. One of our latest initiatives seeks to take advantage of this to share the Gospel with children throughout the world.

New Angle Media features 20 stories told from a “new angle.” People in the Old and New Testament who walked with a prophet, or Jesus, retell biblical events from their point of view. These testimonies point to the truth about Christ’s ability to meet our need for salvation.

New Angle Media is one of the most expansive and exciting GNPI initiatives in our 42-year history. It includes a specially designed mobile app and fully integrated media strategy to connect Muslim seekers to local discipleship groups who answer spiritual questions and help lead them to Christ.

You can help introduce people to Jesus by investing in New Angle Media. Learn more by contacting us at or 417-782-0060.


A Quick Look at “The Global Gospel”

What do you do when you feel burdened for people in your homeland to understand God’s love? Bert Ott is recording The Global Gospel (TGG) in German and translating the discussion questions. Bert served as a missionary to Germany for 19 years and still keeps up with many people there, praying for revival. He has high hopes for TGG to bless people in Germany and the surrounding countries as they experience God’s Word in a fresh way.

Bert says, “People are changing. We’ll see what the Lord has planned.”

Thirty languages of TGG are now complete. Visit to see more languages.


Blackboard versus Tablet

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

The world is indeed going digital, but the migration is a process. Many do not have a mobile phone or access to the Internet for a variety of reasons.

Some only have a “dumb” phone; labeled such, because it does not have the technology to access the Internet. Others have a capable phone, but lack technical or geographic access to allow onboarding of the Internet. A small number of people have the resources but are cut off due to government restrictions. Then there are the millions who simply cannot afford any type of cellular phone or Internet access.

This “blackboard versus tablet” article that addresses this global challenge. GNPI works not only to produce culturally appropriate material but to do so on a platform the majority of people can access in their particular community or country.

I’m told that since going viral, this teacher and school received technological help. I wish the response was as quick with spiritual help, don’t you?


Prayers & Praises

Your prayers for GNPI are making an impact around the world.

“Help us, God our Savior, for the glory of your name; deliver us and forgive our sins for your name’s sake.” — Psalm 79:9 (NIV)

Media Conference in Thailand: Gayle Silkwood of Chiang Mai, Thailand, writes, “I have been nearly consumed over the past six months in helping the administrative team for a media conference, which was held right here in Chiang Mai this year. Over 720 attendees came from 62 different countries around the world. The attendees came together to get specific media training and share the latest media strategies for mission work. Our team members all participated in workshops. Praise the Lord for helping our Thai staff step up and take on new challenges.”

Invitations in SE Asia: Timothy P. of GNPI-SE Asia says, “Praise the Lord! Because of your prayers, God is working wonderfully through us. New ministry partners are encouraged by our training and evangelistic projects. Church leaders from five states invited us to come and teach them this week during a national festival.”

New Series in the Philippines: Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Manila, Philippines, writes, “It has been super hectic for our team with production of Asa Ka Pa (Hope Matters, too!) and Say It Forward. Our host Pastor Jebo did so well we were able to finish 20 episodes about hope in Christ. Pray for us as we finalize the new series and make plans to launch it this month.”

Nomad Training in India: A month-long Project Nomad training is currently underway in central India for ministry partners from Shillong. Please pray for the Nomad trainees to increase their passion for ministry and their production skills.

God’s Scientists Series in Eurasia: Lena L. of GNPI-Eurasia writes, “Praise the Lord! Our team managed to release two new episodes of the God’s Scientists series in less than two months! We are now working on another set of five episodes. Our hearts are filled with joy and love because of our Lord Jesus!”

“Around The Network” – Easter in a Hindu Nation

Timing is everything! That’s true all over the world. Ephesians 5:16 (NKJV) challenges believers about redeeming the time. Easter is one of those important times because people are open to Christian programming as they gather to celebrate the holiday with loved ones. You are helping our coworkers in India share the love of Christ with 40 million viewers.

Manee Massey of GNPI-India writes, “Thanks to all the GNPI partners and donors who made this Easter program possible. It aired on three national television stations during the day on Easter weekend. In the past, 600 people contacted us from all over the country, and we are praying even more people will be connected with us through the follow-up this time.”

P.S. – Please download this video on Vimeo to encourage your congregation or missions committee.

A Success

Sharing the Gospel in India can be extremely challenging. GNPI Solar Kits make the task easier for Christian workers in this region. A pastor in northern India writes the following words of appreciation:

Christian leaders are using Solar Kits regularly in our churches, Sunday schools, and evening classes. We try to cover as many biblical topics as possible, teaching them about Jesus Christ, the one true God.

The children have a lot of fun reciting the Christian songs from the animated videos along with the leaders, while the adults enjoy reviewing many valuable Bible stories from the movies. We thank GNPI for enabling us to share Christianity through the enjoyable and understandable format of media. Since our target audience is a part of the demographic in the field that is illiterate, they appreciate learning about Christianity visually and audibly. Therefore, the Solar Kits provided to us by GNPI have been a success.

We want to make it a priority to ensure that our Christian leaders visit as many village churches as possible with these Solar Kits so that many more members will be encouraged and grow in the Lord. Of course, the leaders use these videos in addition to their own lessons to supplement the members’ understanding of the Bible and their faith in its promises.

Thank you for helping provide effective tools to Christian workers in remote areas.

When Counting Costs

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Most of us have heard the phrase “by the numbers.” For us in leadership (if I’m being totally transparent, I should say for me) “by the numbers” many times forces me to feel more or less acceptable before my heavenly Father, and that, my friend, is really a lie!

I struggle with wanting affirmation from within myself, from my wife, from my peers, from strangers, and from God. When the numbers are good, life is good; when the numbers are bad, life is bad! This reaction gives so many false readings. I’d like to share this article from Carey Nieuwhof. It speaks the truth we all need to be aware of when counting costs.

Prayers & Praises

Your prayers for GNPI are making an impact around the world.

“As you help us by your prayers . . . ” — 2 Corinthians 1:11 (NIV)

Easter Broadcasts in India: Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, writes, “We sent our 24-minute Easter program to Sony TV (Big National TV) and a 30-minute version with two messages and two songs to Shubhsandesh TV (Christian National TV). We also made a program in Punjabi which will be broadcast on DD Punjabi (National TV). All three versions were broadcast on March 31st during the daytime. Dr. Ajai Lall gave an outstanding message, and we value his time and partnership in this project. Thanks to all the GNPI partners and donors who made this project possible. In the past 600 people contacted us from all over the country, and we are praying that more people will be connected with us through the follow-up this time.”

Solar Kit Outreach in Uganda: Stephen Muturi of GNPI-Mbale, Uganda, writes, “Praise the Lord! We were able to take a Solar Kit to a remote village in northern Uganda a few Sundays ago. The village is north of Soroti where electricity is not accessible. We are continually grateful for the support, prayers, and encouragement of the GNPI network as we look to reach more people with the message of Christ.”

Biblical Foundations in Eurasia: Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Eurasia writes, “We try to multiply every resource we develop with all the media tools available. With the help of our friends and partners at Evangel Theological Seminary we have recorded 12 seminars on the Biblical Foundations for Science. They are available online along with other videos and audios we produce. We also stock the libraries of seminaries with top quality books and visuals for students. Please pray for better use of all these resources for the sake of the Kingdom.”

Movement Everywhere in Thailand: Gayle Silkwood and the team at GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand, have released another excellent episode. The Movement Everywhere #15 program host talks about how his Lawa tribe used to worship spirits and explains why he is thankful for the Gospel.

Encouragement for Leaders in SE Asia: Timothy P. of GNPI-SE Asia writes, “Our team is working on The Global Gospel in the Karen language, creation stories in three languages of this region, and a Sunday school song album for children. Because of your prayers God is working wonderfully through us. Church leaders are encouraged by the trainings and the evangelistic resources we are producing.”

Glorifying God

Music is a powerful way to communicate. It’s one of the ways our Nomad team in Pachuca, Mexico serves church leaders to teach and prepare for worship. The team completed a new worship video, We Adore Your Glory. The focus of the song is: when we know who God is we can’t do anything but worship Him.

It’s an original song from a local band, and they have recorded it with members of a nearby church.

Besides worship videos to help leaders of churches, the team is also producing discipleship lessons to help Christians grow in their faith and evangelistic programs to share the Gospel and other truths from God’s Word.

Click here to find out how to watch or download the whole song.


Leaving the Past Behind

Everyone deals with anger and resentment at some point. Our team in Kenya loves to be creative in encouraging young people to work through their troubles, forgive each other, and live with the joy of Christ. The team has received feedback from nearly 6,000 college students about this film they created several months ago.

Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya, writes, “The video is based on a real life story of a lady who has had issues with her family members. They have been harboring a lot of unforgiveness for many years. Many people, especially in our community, can resonate with this story.”

The team is developing a study guide on the topic of forgiveness in Swahili and English. These guides will be uploaded to YouVersion. At the students’ request, we are also planning to make a longer version of this 10-minute video.”