Answering Life’s Questions

//Answering Life’s Questions

Answering Life’s Questions

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Don’t you love it when the Holy Spirit gives you those “aha” moments in Scripture! I had one recently when I took the time to look up all the references in the New Testament where Jesus speaks about his Father.

One of the insights early in Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5 and 6 is that he addresses three of life’s primary questions and connects them to our Father.

  1. Who are we? We ARE “children of our Father in Heaven.” Matthew 5:45
  2.  What is our purpose in life? Our PURPOSE is to help others “glorify the Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16
  3. What is our ultimate goal? Our GOAL is to “be perfect” like our Father in heaven. Matthew 5:48

Jesus can answer all the deep nagging questions about our existence, purpose, and goals in life.

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