Answered Prayers and Ministry Highlights in 2014 – Part 3

//Answered Prayers and Ministry Highlights in 2014 – Part 3

Answered Prayers and Ministry Highlights in 2014 – Part 3

As the new year begins, we continue to reflect on God’s faithfulness. Many of you joined us in our prayers last year and we count on you to continue with us in 2015 and beyond. We want to share some of the many things He has done to answer, encourage, and sustain us as a ministry. We want to make sure Christ gets all the glory!

1. New Decisions for Christ in Africa, India, Mexico, Philippines, SE Asia, Uganda, and Ukraine (Part 1)

2. New Testimonies of Ways Solar Kits Help Share the Gospel and Funds for 100 Solar Kits (Part 2)

3. New NOMaD teams trained and producing culturally relevant materials

Where In The WorldNOMaD Coordinator Jason Miller recently helped train NOMaD teams in India and surveyed areas in Indonesia. Praise God for his protection and productivity. Executive Director Mike Schrage writes, “I think it is the kindness of God that Jason’s trip included the most populous Hindu nation of India and the most populous Islamic nation of Indonesia as in 2014, GNPI puts into place our strategic plan!”

  • Praise God for the 78 people Jason has trained in India this year.
  • After one of the October trainings in Damoh, India, Jason says, “We had 15 trainees from five different states. We conducted the training in Hindi and English. I think some of the interviews and projects are the best I’ve seen in trainings so far. Some trainees had never touched a camera or computer. They’ve mastered it quickly and have come so far in a short time.” One trainee said, “I’ll definitely use this training to do God’s work. It’s helpful. I’m thankful.”
  • Jeff Kenee reports on the work of the NOMaD team in South Africa. Jeff writes, “God continues to bless us under trying circumstances. Our leadership development continues successfully on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It was exciting recently to bless each of them with a DVD presentation of our teaching on inductive Bible study and growing in spiritual maturity. A big thank you to the NOMaD team for filming, editing, and producing this first resource DVD. We are excited about our outreach also. Three of our leadership students have been accepted into a federal prison as teachers/chaplains. Due to the class growth, the warden is making an allowance to make a larger hall available to the teachers. We are planning to utilize the New Life Behavior team to present training to all of our leadership students and produce it as a future training DVD.” Click here to read more.
  • Habacuc Diaz, leader of the NOMaD team in Chile calls their team Indigno, which means Unworthy, a name meant to create a dialogue about what Christ did for us. This team is working on some new projects, including a series called Sabías Que? (Did You Know?). This series will educate youth regarding abortion. It features interviews with doctors, as well as real life testimonies. A teaching series of premarital counseling material and one on biblical principles of finances is also in the works. Watch a video about Habacuc.

 4. New branch office and new outreach opportunities in Eastern Europe despite the war

  • Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine shares, “Troubles under heaven make people seek the answers from above. God is already using the current situation for spiritual awakening in Ukraine. I believe, in a few years, the church of Ukraine will become a much more powerful agent for delivering God’s Truth to every corner of Russia, and Crimea will be a special door for it. May the Lord continue to lead us and guide us in spreading his glory!”

Answered Prayer 3

 This is a 4-part series so we hope you will watch for our final Answered Prayer blog next week (and use the links above to go back and read Part 1 and Part 2) and rejoice with us!

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