An Old Song Made New

//An Old Song Made New

An Old Song Made New

As I watched, they began to sing a new song before the throne…
– Revelation 14:3

Have you ever thought about what kind of music God likes? One thing we do know is that he likes new songs. Remember the old hymn, Come Thou Fount? Well it might be old to you, but to many around the world who have never before heard this classic offering of praise to God, it’s brand new.

LenaLena, Operations Manager at GNPI-Ukraine center, shared her team’s desire to produce music videos that are giving many in the former Soviet Union a first taste of powerful, spiritual nourishment that many in the U.S. have been feasting on for generations.

“Inspired by great creative musical works of GNPI-Kenya and the new equipment provided to us, we decided to start working on some music videos,” she said. “Our goal is to improve Christian musical culture in our part of the world by introducing the classic Christian hymns that are well-known in the West, but are not popular here.”

“The music videos we make encourage the Church greatly; we are often asked for CDs by people of older generations, and the younger, of course, watch and share them online,” Lena continued. “Inspired by the award we received last month, our team decided to cover three more Christian hymns by making more music videos.”

With the help of a harmonica, banjo, guitar, and cello, perhaps this old-time hymn will be made new for you too.

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