An Honor

An Honor

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

As the president of this year’s International Conference On Missions (ICOM), I’ve had the privilege of visiting many Bible colleges during the past two months. It is encouraging to meet so many students who are preparing to serve Christ on the mission field.

It has also been a blessing, everywhere I go, to hear faculty members express their appreciation for GNPI. They share memories of Founder Ziden Nutt coming to speak in classes and chapel services. They talk about internships that shaped the ministries of their students. They pull DVDs from their library shelves which have been used in classes. They talk about the vision and usefulness of many GNPI projects over the past 40 years, including the Distance Learning Consortium, which GNPI helped initiate several years ago.

It’s been an honor to represent GNPI and ICOM, to hear the stories of the past, and to meet the people who will take us into the future.

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