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An Exciting New Project

Manee Massey of GNPI-India

One young lady who helped us with the audio for our new video series began crying so hard we had to stop and check on her. She shared that her own sister is experiencing the same marriage problem as the person in the script, which is about a married couple overcoming the challenges of an extramarital affair and troubled children. This young lady is not yet a follower of Jesus, but she could relate in a personal way. Our coworker took time to pray for the sister of this volunteer before they finished the project.

Our Zindagi Aaj (Life Today) video series is nearly complete, and you can feel the excitement building. We have been planning and preparing for this series for four years after a group of 50 people requested programs on these topics. This 13-episode series will air on national television in India this fall to help families address common issues in marriage. Our strategy for evangelism is to create Facebook material, posters, and devotional videos as a follow up to connect viewers of this series to small groups from local churches.

Sometimes the biggest problem in the Indian culture is that we deny we have struggles. We believe this series can help people face their problems and consider practical solutions from a biblical perspective. Thank you to all GNPI partners who support this project. We currently have funds for nine episodes and need $5,850 each for the remaining four episodes. Click here to donate and make an impact on families in India who need to see how Jesus changes relationships.

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