Agents of Transformation

//Agents of Transformation

Agents of Transformation

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Fire converts wood to heat and light. Sunlight converts snow to ice and water. Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Conversion occurs through transformation; it’s God’s design.

GNPI’s global network has the privilege of serving as agents of transformation. We partner with God to convert intentional prayer, faithful gifts of money, and volunteer labor into training, equipment, and media productions that help people from different languages, cultures, and customs understand the love of Christ.

Stories of transformation fill the Gospels, and they fill the archives of GNPI as well.

Michael Simbwa, minister of Mityana Church of Christ, shares:

Mityana is a small community outside of Kampala, Uganda, where tradition and other religious practices are prevalent. Many people call themselves Christians in this area, yet I have noticed a great need for extensive biblical teaching. Christ called me to minister to the people in my village in 2014.

The believers have grown stronger in the Lord, thanks to the Solar Kits. In particular the teachings of Jesus in The Global Gospel, have been helpful for debunking myths and false teachings. The majority of our church members are from the Bible study we host in the community. The Solar Kit has catalyzed the growth of our ministry in ways we never imagined. Ministering in the villages outside Kampala, we have been able to draw more and more people to Christ by teaching them the Truth and baptizing them as Christ commanded.  

GNPI has been instrumental in our efforts to teach people about the Gospel of Christ. We started and grew our young church from a small group to over 60 regular members. We celebrate the progress and God’s work in the area.

May God continue to use our partnership to create more agents of transformation in 2017.

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