Accident or Providence?

//Accident or Providence?

Accident or Providence?

by Mike Schrage, Executive Director, GNPI

Every once in a while God raises His voice from more than a whisper; today was one of those days!

I had set up a 30-minute meeting with a representative from the Betenbough Foundation in Lubbock, Texas. This visit came as a result of going through some of our former ministry partners with my colleague Matt Brock, who suggested we make contact.

As I shared about the ministry of GNPI, the foundation representative became more and more excited about the connection. After the first half-hour she offered another half-hour and called in a few more people, including an IT specialist and one of the principals of the foundation.
I shared about GNPI’s 37 years of ministry. I mentioned our passion of partnering with nationals and seeking other engaging partnerships. Later, I talked about our goal to have an element of sustainable growth in each of our regional centers as a part of our strategic plan. I listed projects that address evangelism and leadership training, two primary elements of any financial partnership with Betenbough.

God had gone before to arrange the time, to enable a principal to be available and present, and for the incredible connections to occur. Accident or providence? I’m leaning towards the second and I’m excited to see God at work!

David Langford, senior minister at Quaker Avenue Church of Christ, friend of GNPI said, “We supplied the heart and He (God) supplied the money!”

December 17 Update – GNPI was privileged to receive a check for $13,500 from the Betenbough Foundation. Praise God that the Betenbough Foundation decided to provide the requested grant, and with their gift, the ultimate goal of $100,000 for the Multi-Purpose Resource Center in Ukraine was reached!

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