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A Wonderful Combination

Many are hearing the Gospel in northern India. GNPI co-workers are seeing The Global Gospel and Solar Kits open doors to teach God’s Word effectively to people of all ages and to connect them to local churches. Simmi Dhingra has been carrying on the work of the ministry since the sudden illness and death of her husband, Deepak, last November. We are grateful for her faithful witness and diligent work for the Lord.

By Simmi Dhingra of GNPI-Chandigarh, India

Thank you for your love and prayers for us. Our work is going really well. Last month we had 10 baptism services throughout different churches. We really thank God that he was able to use the GNPI studio, specifically through our Solar Kits, to reach people for Christ.

Chandigarh Solar Kit

Chandigarh Solar Kit 2

The people who were baptized are mostly illiterate and do not know how to read or write. As we shared  The Global Gospel through Solar Kits, many heard about the Good News, and many more gathered in huge numbers to see our testimony. Many street sweepers wondered about the commotion, and one of them, by the name of Balbinder, got connected with one of our churches. Through our Solar Kits, many children have come to Sunday school classes also.

We are planning to release one audio CD, Mahima, in the month of October. We’ll officially be distributing 5,000 CDs to area churches. Once again, we pray for funds so we can distribute these CDs. Our studio staff are translating the book of James in Punjabi, so that is almost ready.
I am preparing my studio staff here, to make them understand the current situation and to cast a vision for the future. Please keep us in your prayers.

TGG Globe


The Global Gospel is a video storybook of 88 stories of the life of Christ. To learn more go to www.theglobalgospel.org.

Solar Kit


The Solar Kit is a video projector (or in some locations, an LCD TV screen), powered by the sun and is a tool that empowers missionaries and Christian workers in regions where there is no electricity.


If you would like to help with a Solar Kit, or give toward a new language for The Global Gospel, go to www.gnpi.org/donate.


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