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A Vision for Kenya!

I recently visited GNPI-Africa in Nairobi to commemorate its 20th anniversary. Thanks to the vision of GNPI founder Ziden Nutt, combined with the vision of seven doctors in Indiana, the human and financial resources resulted in a media center offering social and spiritual lift to a large part of that continent.

By faith these generous men gave when the exchange rate crashed by almost half in 1994. When the cost of the building could have doubled, they said “push on.” Six months later the exchange rate stabilized and construction was completed on time in September 1995.

These men saw in their mind’s eye a day when HIV/AIDS would be curtailed, when evangelists would have teaching lessons in African languages, and when culturally relevant media would be distributed through Solar Kits in rural areas without electricity and broadcast on television in cities.

The faith demonstrated by these wonderful people came from a conviction that Africa could be better when people came face to face with their Savior. Two decades later we see they were right, as an office staffed completely by Africans produces media for Public Service Announcements (PSAs) about clean bodies, clean communities, and clean hearts.

More than 100 music videos are accompanied by study guide questions impacting high school students. Full-length movies about the sanctity of life have helped Kenya ward off the temptation to legalize abortion. A movie about spousal abuse has strengthened families. More than 20 short films in Swahili have provided counsel and guidance about everyday issues affecting followers of Christ in Kenya, East Africa, and beyond.

It’s amazing what God can do with the vision of eight families who wanted to see Africa come into its potential for a wonderful future. In today’s sophisticated world of analytics and statistics to measure the effectiveness of media and missions, it’s refreshing to remember pure hearts that obeyed the voice of God and on September 9, 1995, established GNPI-Africa in Nairobi.

Twenty years later our vision for Africa is still blossoming, and we wait expectantly for the Lord to continue to move in mighty ways, transforming hearts through His Son Jesus.

What visions do you have about how God will use you? Who knows, perhaps 20 years from now we’ll see the results!

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