A Tremendous Trip! (Part One)

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A Tremendous Trip! (Part One)

This will be the first of a two part series about a rigorous and exciting trip to train evangelists in new regions.

By PD of GNPI-SE Asia

Our GNPI team recently had a great privilege to go to a new city in the southeastern part of the region for training evangelists. We were invited by pastors and evangelists from different denominations, who are ministering in that region. They requested that we show them what GNPI has produced and teach them how to use the tools effectively in the ministry of evangelism.

Our group had six people and a guest who was from the northern part of our country. Our guest was interested in learning the technique of GNPI in order to penetrate the Gospel to the people who live in his region, so we invited him to go along with us. Our group traveled on the bus the whole night.

The next day we proceeded to drive up a mountain range. The way was rough and winding. All cars, buses, and vans had to line up single file because the road was so narrow that only one vehicle at a time could pass. Because of the one-way road, it took a whole day for ascending and another whole day for descending.

Once we arrived, a pastor met us with his car and escorted us to the church. All the church members warmly welcomed us. We had time to meet some ministers and evangelists there and rested on that day. All pastors of different denominations nearby were invited to the training at the church.


The next day, we had training for evangelists. The training was targeted to Christian ministers, evangelists, church pastors, and believers. We all expect that after they have a chance to learn the technique of how to witness to non-believers, everyone will be witnessing and winning the lost souls where ever he or she is. In addition, some non-believers and recently converted also came and listened to the Message. The training was started in the morning with worship songs and prayer. Regional Director TP was the key person who taught about the True God to whom every creature must worship.

The class was so good that everyone who came and listened to the teaching was interested in the Message. The class went on until noon and took lunch break. The church served lunch to those who presented that day. Then afternoon session started with singing and praising. TP continued teaching until 3:00 p.m. When the teaching was over, our group members had the privilege to do a few interviews with some of the people who came on that day.

The ministers of the churches and evangelists also confessed that they were refreshed and opened their minds to share the Gospel in an acceptable way among Buddhists. They told us, “What you have produced is really helpful in sharing the Gospel with Buddhists! We are very happy for what you have done.”

We were invited to many other places to share. However, time was too limited for us to go to every place that invited us.

Please watch for the story about the rest of our trip next week. A Tremendous Trip (Part Two)


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