A Time to Remember

A Time to Remember

Saying goodbye to those you love can be a difficult and dreaded task. Jesus experienced this as he took time to serve each of the disciples and wash their dirty feet before they ate their last meal together. He told his disciples to continue to share special meals in his memory.

Habacuc and his team in Chile created a communion series for local churches and individuals to use in helping others see how Jesus will meet their needs. The series highlights the elements of the bread, the blood of Jesus, the cross, and the good news. It starts with John 6:35 where Jesus says, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never hunger.”

Habacuc wanted to focus on bread as a practical reminder that our hunger and most basic needs are forever supplied by the one who created us. He says, “It is a joy to spend time sharing a meal with those we love. In the same way, Jesus can work through our lives to offer the good news of hope with those around us.”

Click here to watch the first video about Jesus the bread of life.

You may remember our last story about Habacuc and the robbery of his production equipment earlier this summer. Your gifts totaled $2,730 towards the $4,000 needed for replacement costs. Habacuc and his team are grateful for your encouragement and look forward to continuing their work.

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