A Thriving NOMaD Team

//A Thriving NOMaD Team

A Thriving NOMaD Team

Pachuca Team Sergioby Sergio Alvarado, NOMaD team leader in Pachuca, Mexico

God is blessing the team Sergio leads as they continue to learn more and use media in their ministry. Here are a few facts about Pachuca, Mexico.

  • Pachuca is the second fastest growing city in the country.
  • The population is about 1.5 million people and approximately 60% are under the age of 26.
  • Only 4.8% of the population are Christians. Even though Catholicism is the main religion of the country, many don’t accept Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior.
  • The Cult of Saint Death is growing fast. It is very dangerous and especially popular among the drug cartels and criminal organizations. They worship death and believe it will keep them safe from dying and prosper them.

We are a church planting team called IMPACTO Latino, and we are associated with New Missions Systems International and GNPI. We have planted three churches and the vision is to plant five churches in the city of Pachuca. These churches are very different from the traditional Mexican churches. We use the cell group system, and we have found that it really works for Mexicans since we are very relational.

Pachuca Team 1

Right now we have more than a thousand people worshiping in our three churches, and more are being added every week. Just last Sunday, we had eight more baptisms!

Pachuca Team 4

Media has been a big part of our vision and a tremendous tool to reach this young city, as you can imagine. We have been creating promotional videos to publicize our ministries, our cell group leader training materials, and our preaching series. We have also used media to help other ministries around the city of Pachuca and Mexico City to promote what they are doing.

For example, we developed a video series for Niños de Mexico to promote their ministry to children in churches in the US during VBS and church presentations. Also, we have made several music videos for local worship groups and promotional videos for their worship concerts. In addition, we are developing a Web community to share evangelistic, discipleship, and leadership training materials online for anyone to be able to use them.

We see media becoming a big part of the culture, and we want to be able to use this tool to reach more people for Christ. We see more and more cell phones and computers in Mexican homes, and we know the potential this represents. Also, we have identified the pornography crisis that our youth are confronting, and we are already working on awareness and discipleship materials dealing with this growing issue.

Media is helping us reach the people of Pachuca and Mexico for Christ.

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