A Success

A Success

Sharing the Gospel in India can be extremely challenging. GNPI Solar Kits make the task easier for Christian workers in this region. A pastor in northern India writes the following words of appreciation:

Christian leaders are using Solar Kits regularly in our churches, Sunday schools, and evening classes. We try to cover as many biblical topics as possible, teaching them about Jesus Christ, the one true God.

The children have a lot of fun reciting the Christian songs from the animated videos along with the leaders, while the adults enjoy reviewing many valuable Bible stories from the movies. We thank GNPI for enabling us to share Christianity through the enjoyable and understandable format of media. Since our target audience is a part of the demographic in the field that is illiterate, they appreciate learning about Christianity visually and audibly. Therefore, the Solar Kits provided to us by GNPI have been a success.

We want to make it a priority to ensure that our Christian leaders visit as many village churches as possible with these Solar Kits so that many more members will be encouraged and grow in the Lord. Of course, the leaders use these videos in addition to their own lessons to supplement the members’ understanding of the Bible and their faith in its promises.

Thank you for helping provide effective tools to Christian workers in remote areas.

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