A Special Request

//A Special Request

A Special Request

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

We know you care about people and your heart is touched by breaking news reports about the latest tragedies. Would you like to give hope where hopelessness reigns? Join us and learn how God is using people just like you and me to change the narrative from bad news to good news.

Twice a month we will share one story to represent the hundreds of testimonies your GNPI media partners are writing every day in the lives of others. In the alternate weeks, we invite you to sign up to receive a few specific prayer requests.

Click here to sign up for the upcoming prayer updates through email. We will no longer post the prayer requests as we have in the past.

Knowledge is power and an insightful, well-informed follower of Jesus who prays can actually change things as you enable hope to be delivered around the world.

Thank you for making a difference with your prayers!

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