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A Simple Yellow Box

We are very pleased to welcome Robb Good to the GNPI Board of Directors. Robb has been self-employed as an owner of an Allstate Insurance Agency in San Diego, California, since 1988. He has lived in Joplin, Missouri, since 2007 and operates his business remotely with the help of his dedicated employees. Robb also serves with Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), Lifted Up International, and other ministries in his community. Robb and his wife, Lori, have four adult children. This week, we invited Robb to share his impressions of the ministry.


Robb GoodA Simple Yellow Box

By Robb Good, New GNPI Board Member

As I sat in my first GNPI board meeting and listened to the extensive reach of the ministry, I was surprised at what simple tools were used to reach others with the Gospel. In a video, I saw a bright yellow Solar Kit on the back of a motorcycle heading into a small village. Young children ran behind – I was sure they were curious about the yellow box. I wondered what the children’s reaction would have been if the box was black, or gray?

I watched the impact of videos, created by nationals, telling their stories of how Christ has changed their community. These were so simple. They did not have any Disney characters. No super heroes. No amazing special effects to wow the audience. Just people telling their story.

It was then that I realized how we reach America is not how we reach the world. Most young children in the U.S. need some serious special effects or drama to get their immediate attention in a video or movie, but here were these young children in a third world country chasing the motorcycle with the yellow box. They watched the box open as the Solar Kit was set up. A Simple Yellow BoxLater that day they saw a movie about a man named Jesus who loved them so much that he gave his life for them. Their story of salvation started with a simple yellow box.

They will never know about GNPI, which is fine, because they know Jesus. How we reach America is not how we reach the world. As an American who likes living in America, with all of the comforts home offers, I am challenged by the fact the world needs to hear the message of Christ in a way that is culturally relevant to them. My way is not the only way. Odd as it may seem, this means they may not need all of the glitter that we have come to expect at home.

Sometimes, all they need is a simple yellow box.


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