A Providential Plan

//A Providential Plan

A Providential Plan

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? Well, that’s what’s happening with each detail of the production of the Jesus Story in Turkish.

First, I was visiting with a family in Kansas to update them on GNPI projects, and I mentioned the Jesus Story in Arabic. I showed them a short video sample, and in astonishment they said that the presenter from Cyprus was in their church the previous Sunday! What are the odds?

The next day at breakfast they set a check on the table for the full amount of the production costs of the 13-episode series.

A month later the Turkish production began due to the cancellation of another project. However, the Lord orchestrated plans so the right production people were already in the country and ready to consider a different plan! The Turkish program presenter had moved to a different country, and yet she was actually available that week. The weather, which usually is not cooperative, was pleasant for outdoor shooting in the midst of a wintry situation! The most exciting part was that the project already has a waiting broadcaster (free of charge by the way) and a waiting audience of young Turkish people.

It is amazing to watch our God bring a plan together!


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