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A Pastor’s Endorsement

DJO is a national Christian who serves alongside GNPI-SE Asia’s regional director, TP. This report is an encouragement to TP about a book he wrote several years ago to help others share the Gospel in his culture.

By Guest Blogger DJO, Christian worker in SE Asia


I am USH, age 37. I have served God as a pastor for 10 years. I have read many books, but I have never found a book that is easy for unbelievers to understand about God until I read, A Handbook for Evangelists, on October 20, 2014. This book is good for traditional Christians and nonbelievers. It shows the true God. Many people think they worship God, but they are not. This book is a help for those people. It is also a guide to God for people who are going the wrong direction.

I highly recommend this book to be a guide for evangelists and a reliable book for nonbelievers to help them understand about Jesus. It connects with Jesus the Messiah, Meddiyah in the Bali language. The meaning of the word Meddiyah is overcoming the enemy by love. That points to Jesus who died on the cross because he loves human beings – John 3:16.

I thank God and the author of this book very much.

TP considers this book to be one of his tools to share the Gospel with Buddhists. He and his team have designed charts, audio messages, and music to explain the One True God. They are committed to effective leadership training to accelerate global evangelism.


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