A Party Beyond Description

//A Party Beyond Description

A Party Beyond Description

by Mike Schrage, Executive Director, GNPI

Last year I attended the wedding reception of a good friend’s son. It was an evening of reconnecting with long-time friends and memory making. It reminded me of the party in Luke 15 that Jesus told, regarding the famous Prodigal Son. When explaining the party plans to the envious older son, the father of the wayward boy said to his eldest son, “But we had to celebrate and be glad…” I like the imperative in that statement, don’t you? It’s a command to be happy and party!

As I looked back to the stories of the lost coin and lost sheep, also found in Luke 15, the same theme reverberates, “Rejoice with me!” Jesus tells three stories about the Holy Spirit and Dr. Luke lines these up back to back to make sure we get the point!

If I may coin a couple of new words, in the “leastness” and the “lostness” of the sheep, the coin, and the prodigal son, we hear Jesus revealing and proclaiming the heart of his Father. His is a heart that spontaneously rejoices and it is also a heart that must celebrate!


So the next time we think we are insignificant, remember God has been preparing to throw quite a party for you, and not only you, but for anyone you help to find and follow Jesus. And that’s why I am all in with GNPI to work at exactly that, helping people find Jesus.

Heaven is going to be many things. One of them is a feast, a party beyond description with celebrating and singing so loud, so harmonious, so spectacular, and so lengthy that it will go for what will seem like….well, like eternity!



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