A Newfound Hope

A Newfound Hope

TP, regional director in SE Asia, has an evangelistic friend who loves to use GNPI resources to share the hope of Christ with many people. Here are the testimonies of a couple of the people he met on a recent trip who now have the hope of heaven.

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I praise God for his Word. My name is KT, and I am 28 years old. I was born and raised in a Buddhist family. My parents were elders in a Buddhist monastery. My wife is a believer. She always told me to believe in Jesus, but I didn’t care what she said.  A few months ago, all the believers from my tribe had a big celebration.The elders appointed me to help cook lunch, so I went there. I met many new friends and old friends. I met a relative who was an evangelist. He explained things to me so that I could have hope in Jesus.

Now I know that Jesus is the only One who can save me from sin. I also learned that Jesus is the One for whom we have been waiting. There is no one else after Jesus. Jesus said, “I am the First and the Last.” I appreciate very much the teacher who wrote this Handbook for Evangelism and the teacher who taught us about the True God. The teachings of this book are very clear. I hope more people would hear about the True God.


I thank God for something I have never heard in my life. My name is MM, and I am 24 years old. I worshipped the wrong god for many years. Because of the difficulties in my life, I went to live with my aunt’s family and help the family. My father died when I was away from home. I was very sad, angry, and confused.

At that time, a guest came to my aunt’s. He was an evangelist. He helped me understand the One True God. As a result, I have chosen to worship the God who has power to control everything, the God who made me. I am happy now that I know the True God. I lost my father before he knew God, but I want to be saved. I also want the rest of my family to be saved. I will serve God, who cares for me every minute of my life. I thank God that he loves me and cares for me since my physical father is gone. I love Jesus who made a way for me to go to heaven. I am happy that the great God whom we have waited for has already come and did all the great things, which no man can do. I am saved now.

Because of your partnership and prayers for GNPI, God is using people like TP and his team to share the Good News about Jesus.


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