A New Way to Slice It

A New Way to Slice It

We are within reach of our goal to produce The Global Gospel in the world’s top 25 languages by the end of 2015. Praise God for His faithfulness and the generosity of His people! We are down to funding the last three languages.

Smithfield Christian Church in Carl Junction, Missouri, has pledged funds toward the Italian language of The Global Gospel. They found a fun way to keep track of their commitment via the Pizza Tracker they created.

We recently received this message from our friends at Smithfield:




“Just a quick picture of our pizza tracker.

We pulled our 2nd piece off of it today.

Counting the additional gifts we received today,

we are now a little over $1,900 along the way.”





We thank God for this exciting progress and for all the partners who have worked together to make this happen! We are still looking for a production partner to help with the Turkish language. For more details, visit www.gnpi.org.


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