A Musical Interlude in Damoh

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A Musical Interlude in Damoh

Manee Massey, Regional Director of GNPI-Damoh, India

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Our office is working on a music video with a former Hindu. We are excited to produce something very different. It is important for us to do this for evangelism and a big opportunity.

Sadhu Nityanand is a Christian from the Brahman caste of Hinduism. He uses his background in the Hindu culture to reach out to Hindus. He compares the Hindu book with the teachings of the Bible. Sadhu influences hundreds of thousands of people.

We plan to record 400 short messages from him in different locations. We also plan to use these for an app later.

In addition, we recently completed 12 music videos in regional languages with a group of 15 people and several local instruments.


We recorded live video by using iPhones and an iPad as a live switcher.


The videos are being used in local meetings and with our target audiences in remote villages.



We have been busy with a lot of other work as well. Twelve more scripts are ready as we prepare for the family series. The newest one is about respecting elders.

Solar Kits are being distributed. We assembled several Solar Kits while our office was closed for summer break and sent out a total of 38 last year.

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We continue to stay in communication with our recently trained Project Nomad students in Shillong, India.

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One of our goals was to unite the churches in the northeast area with this training and investment in their young people.

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The following video shows what the students learned from the training.

Finally, we have completed the follow-up from our Easter broadcast.


We had 600 people contact us from all over India. We sent out 56 customized sets of DVDs to these callers based on their needs including Bible teaching, music videos, children’s programs, resources to build relationships, and testimonies. Most callers were Hindus. It is encouraging to have lots of non-Christians watching the program. It was a good success.



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