A Life of Significance

//A Life of Significance

A Life of Significance

Have you ever wondered why people take on the work they do? Some people work through company financials. Some stay home to raise kids. Some even take on high-risk jobs like joining the Peace Corp. And some, like me, even become missionaries.

 Why do we each do the things we do? Part of the answer, in my opinion, is that God gives each of us a calling!

 The desire to live a life of significance is something God, as our creator, placed within each of us. Understanding what he’s called you to do is key to finding that meaning from life.

 At GNPI, we feel called to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology. When you give to GNPI, you’re investing in the lives of more than 80 people throughout the world whom God has called. In fact, by giving to GNPI you may be answering God’s call to partner with us, affecting the life of a Hindu woman, a Muslim man, a poverty-trapped child in Africa, and many more.

 Thanks for hearing God’s call for service in whatever work he’s given you to do, and thanks for hearing his call to help us do the work he’s given us. You’re a blessing to us!

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