A Huge Tool for Evangelism

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A Huge Tool for Evangelism

A church partner shared this encouraging note from Michael and Rocky Beene of Faith in Action Ministries in Guatemala.

Thank you for the Solar Kit!

We are showing the Jesus film. First, we used it on the roof of the dorm in Zacapa with all the students. Then we used it in a new village; we hiked for hours across the mountains with the pastors and elders to a village called Guayabilla. We showed it next at night on the outside of the school house building. It has been a huge tool for evangelism.

Next week we are taking it up the tributary on the Sarstun River in between Belice and Guatemala to a village called San Juan. They do not have the Gospel or any church. We will be showing the Jesus film and taking along a dental and medical team.

Thank you so much for being involved in meeting our needs to enable us to work together in making His name known!

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