A Harvest of Blessings

A Harvest of Blessings

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Fall is harvest time. I grew up on a farm in southern Illinois, and one of my favorite memories is riding with my father at Thanksgiving while he picked our corn. The harvest represented months of work and faithful planning, but I understood at a young age that God provided the rain we needed to have a harvest at all!

Last month I learned about the need in Nairobi for a new generator. I shared this with a farmer friend of mine from southern Illinois. He understood what it meant to go without electricity to operate machinery or to dry the corn. Having electricity is the key for operations with many kinds of work. It is the same for our studio and office in Nairobi where power outages are frequent. When I told my friend about our broken backup generator, a used Army surplus unit imported 20 years ago, Randy responded by asking five of his friends to join him in selling grain to cover the cost! I received their gifts last week.

Their blessing became our blessing. It will enable productions to be completed which will bless others. This is the spirit of Thanksgiving, and I’m so grateful for the fall.

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