A Great Victory!

A Great Victory!

by Sergei Golovin, Regional Director of GNPI-Ukraine

GNPI maintains an emphasis on strategic partnership to carry out our work. In fact, it’s one of our core values. One of those fantastic partners is Literature and Teaching Ministries (LATM). In recent years, LATM has helped publish a dozen science textbooks in Russian for Sergei Golovin, who leads GNPI-Ukraine. These texts teach a creation curriculum, instead of evolution. GNPI-Ukraine produces video companions that help teach creationism. Praise God, the way is now being opened to use the materials in schools! We celebrate this triumph with Sergei and LATM.

The most painful and the most joyful news of the monthcame on the same day. In the morning I visited with Tatiana, headmaster of Gloria Christian School that used to be on the Donetsk Christian University campus. It was the first school to use our science textbooks in classes, incorporating them into public curriculum.

Warfare came to Donetsk just when the school had moved into a brand new building, and seemed to be on the way to its best times.

Then armed militants took over the campus and turned it into their barracks.

Tatiana’s story was full of pain and tears.

 Russian Science Textbooks

However, the most joyful news came that afternoon. The Ukrainian Ministry of Education approved a concept that would release schools from many outdated rules from communist days, including the government’s monopoly on curricula and textbooks. What a great victory! Together, the work of dozens of enthusiasts like Tatiana, as well as our ministry and resources, made an impact for change that seemed impossible.

God provided us a wonderful confirmation: although Satan might win a battle in this world, he will never win the war! Yes, he will do everything possible to prevent introducing a Bible-based worldview to the next generation in this post-communist world, but God’s truth ultimately wins! May his name be praised!


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