A Great Opportunity

A Great Opportunity

Manee Massey, Regional Director of GNPI-Damoh, India


Our Christmas program is 24 minutes long with two music videos and a Message about Jesus. The program will be broadcast on Sony TV, one of the top channels in India, to over 40 million viewers on the morning of December 24. This program is also going to be in Punjabi and will be broadcast on Punjabi National TV in India. Please pray for this great opportunity in our country where we can freely share the Gospel with the masses without any restriction.







In addition, we have made 1,000 copies of our previous five years of Christmas programs, which were broadcast on national television. Preachers all over India will be receiving this DVD for viewing in house groups, churches, and local cable channels in their regions. We plan to track how many people download the video as well.


We look forward to helping people to understand the true meaning of Christmas and to know Christ through our follow-up with those who contact us.


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