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A Great Love for People

After severe flooding last summer, Timothy P worked with Bob Sartoris to help secure a grant from International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES) to help many people in his region with their basic needs for food and water. This act of service is opening doors for Timothy P and other evangelists to share the Gospel.

Timothy P, Regional Director of GNPI-SE Asia

Thank you for praying for the people in this region. Many people were suffering from the flood disaster, and we worked together to help meet some of their needs.


Through the love of Christ we shared rice, oil, water, and money as we praised God. We have received words of thanks from those who received assistance. The donations of believers allowed us to go to several parts of the country to share God’s mercy and love.


Here are some of the responses from people in the villages. On our first trip we visited the A village to help flood victims. The head of the village said, “I want to say a few words on behalf of the villagers. The flood destroyed the roads. Due to the destroyed roads, the relief goods could not get into our village. This village is far away from anywhere else. We felt like we were on a different planet until today. No one insisted on coming to help except you Christians. We really suffered for several days. We want to thank you for coming this far. You have a great love for the people. We appreciate you Christian brothers. We will always welcome you. Now we are like relatives. You can come to this village anytime, any day.”


The next trip was to the B village. The village leader’s daughter said, “We appreciate your help very much. We know you are Christians by looking at you. We can tell you love people. Now that you know how to get to this village, come visit us again. We do not want to welcome you only for the relief. We will always welcome you as friends.”


Then we went to the N village. This was a Christian village. The elder of the church said, “Thank you for coming and sharing the love of Christ with us; we appreciate you very much. We see the love of Christ in you. We pray that you will be able to help many others. May God bless you richly and use you to meet needs.”


In the K village, a woman said, “We thank you very much for helping us when we are really in need. Twelve families are living with other families who have welcomed us. We lost everything. All our belongings were washed away by the river. The flood was so strong. We have never experienced anything like this in any generation. May God bless you.”


Let’s unite in prayer for these people as they continue to recover and learn more about Christ’s love for them. May God bless everyone who shared your love by sending gifts for the disaster in SE Asia.

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