A Great Joy

GNPI has a behind the scenes story about the making of our Psalm 117: Global Music Video. Besides the background of the overall video, you can see The Accordion Man in Mexico story here.

Lena L. of GNPI-Eurasia

Lena is pictured on the right in the photo at the top of the collage.


Our team loved the idea of being part of the Psalm 117 music video from the first time we heard about it. I wrote to our coworkers in Joplin, “The idea is truly awesome, and we are definitely in!”

We chose to include the domra, our national instrument, to praise the Lord from our region of the world. It’s a four stringed, mandolin type of instrument which we played in the studio and on a scenic overlook.

Unfortunately, I had to ask for extra time to complete the project. We didn’t get started on time due to problems with the power supply, but we really did want to participate! We found a musician for the national instrument, and we knew we could complete at least a simple part of the project. Then I had another delay because I had to take medical treatments on my throat. I told my coworkers in Joplin, “The day I can sing again, we will record the voice part. I am so sorry to ask for an extension like this, but we would highly appreciate it if you granted it to us.”

Despite the challenges, we met the deadline without the extension. I felt like the Lord gave me my voice for a two day window. My throat is much better now. Overall, we are very happy with how our part turned out. It is always a great joy for us to take part in projects that need creativity!


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