A Global Effort

//A Global Effort

A Global Effort

By Bob Sartoris, International Director

At a recent conference focused on outreach to the Muslim world, it was exciting to be able to launch the distribution of two new versions of The Global Gospel produced in the Arabic language. One was based on an earlier version of the Scripture, known as the Smith & Van Dyke translation, and the other was based on a more recent translation, referred to as the Ketab El Hayat, or Book of Life version.

The backstories reveal just how much of a global effort goes into this series.

The Book of Life version was originally recorded by a Venezuelan national, using a vocal actor from Tunisia. Part of the recordings actually took place in France, thanks to an English engineer working with an American radio ministry there. The final editing for this version was done by a Palestinian working at a studio in Uganda, and it was then forwarded on to Joplin for final mastering.

Meanwhile, work on the Smith & Van Dyke version was coordinated by an Egyptian, who worked with an Arabic vocal actor in Canada, using a studio in Cairo for the audio recording, and it was ultimately edited at a production center in Cyprus. Once again, the files were sent to a Palestinian lady who proofread the titles before forwarding the work along to the Joplin office for final mastering.

Only God knows how many countries will be impacted by this global effort to produce two new Arabic versions of The Global Gospel. Scripture tells us that God’s Word will not return void, so we are praying that God will use this visual life of Christ series in powerful ways as it goes out throughout the Muslim world!


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