A Favorite Highlight: An Amazing Help

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A Favorite Highlight: An Amazing Help

(This “Highlights of the Year” blog was originally posted on August 17, 2016. It represents many who are grateful for the GNPI Solar Kits, which are being used in nearly 50 countries around the world.)

Joshua V. stopped by the GNPI Joplin office to let us know how thrilled he is to use our Solar Kits in his ministry.

Joshua V., Christian Worker in India

Our network of 450 churches shares five Solar Kits. Each week we set aside one day for film ministry in the villages. The Solar Kit saves us so much time and effort.

It is hard to communicate the Message to the tribal people of India unless you visualize it. Visualization greatly increases the level of understanding for the audience. It makes a huge impact when people see video clips of the crucifixion and how Christ suffered for our sins.”

Many of the people have seen idol worship, and they are searching for Truth. When the Gospel is visualized for them, they often make the decision right then to follow Christ.

The Solar Kit has been an amazing help in our ministry.


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