A Day of Generosity

//A Day of Generosity

A Day of Generosity

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Giving Tuesday: it’s a national day of generosity as the world recognizes the opening of year-end giving campaigns that sustain many nonprofits, including GNPI.

I’m challenging our friends and donors to supply an additional $10,000 for GNPI’s general fund today. This will allow you to play an active role in what GNPI has accomplished in 2016, including:

  • Training more than 100 believers to create media productions and strategies to evangelize unreached peoples through Project Nomad
  • Completing new languages of The Global Gospel (TGG) and updating our format for prime impact through smartphones.
  • Using TGG to produce an Arabic made-for-television series.
  • Releasing The GNPI App, which you can download for free!
  • Creating a new children’s program in the Indonesian language of Bahasa that will serve as a prototype for additional releases in multiple languages throughout the world.
  • Operating eight regional centers that create culturally relevant media throughout the world, even in dangerous and insecure places like Russia and India.

If you’d like to help us, click here to make a donation today. We look forward to seeing what God will do through you.

P.S. Download The GNPI App today by visiting your App Store. You’ll receive updates, including prayer requests, and have access to tools you can use or provide to others for evangelism.

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