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A Conversation with Vince Vigil

Vince Vigil has been instrumental in GNPI-Uganda since its inception. He has stepped down as regional director as his family has transitioned back to the USA. We wish him the very best and are grateful for all of his work on behalf of GNPI. The center is now in the very capable hands of the national staff members there in Mbale.

Vince was recently in our office in Joplin, so we asked him to reflect on his history with our organization. In the video below, you can hear Vince in his own words:



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By Linda Tyler - 25 February 2015 - Reply

Yay Vince! Without you, GNPI – Uganda would have been sorely lacking. Your creative talent, your leadership and vision set the Uganda center on a successful path and broadened the ministry of the Mbale mission team. Thank you, Vince, for dedicating those years to this good work. Your family is precious to us and we love you dearly. Well done!

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