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A Changed Identity

Gayle Silkwood, Office Manager of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand

Amp was abandoned by her parents at a young age. She became quiet and withdrawn with only a few friends. She grew up feeling unloved and unneeded. Watch the following testimony to see how Jesus changed her life.

As an adult Amp has an important position with Upland Holistic Development Project, a foundation in Southeast Asia. Her job is to reach out to hill tribe people in northern Thailand. She markets and provides a means for them to sell their handicrafts. In her free time, she visits orphanages, plays the guitar, and brings food to a Christian care group for people with disabilities. The Lord is using this woman who had never before known love to give her love to others.

How has the love of Christ changed your life?

2 Responses to “A Changed Identity”

By Anne Lilleberg - 31 October 2017 - Reply

Beautiful! Praise God for this women’s testimony!!

By Gayle - 8 November 2017 - Reply

Thank you, Anne, for your comment. Our Thai production team here in Thailand was also touched by Amp’s story. It is nice to know others around the world have been blessed. (Gayle Silkwood)

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