A Global Strategy

//A Global Strategy

A Global Strategy

Do you have a global vision?

John R. W. Stott once noted, “We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God.”

Our global God has allowed Satan, for a time, to influence the earth. He’s done so with terrifying effects in places like the Middle East. ISIS and Al Qaeda are regularly in the news. Though they are known for terror, what’s under the surface is a vision: an ideology, however false, that drives their violence.

What fuels their view of the world? One astute person has stated, “Al Qaeda is best understood as a media driven ideological movement.”*

ISIS and Al Qaeda have a global strategy, do we?

We certainly have a blueprint. In Acts 1:8 Luke lined out a very familiar global plan of going to Jerusalem, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the world. The Church was given, and still has today, a global mandate. The difference from that of Al Qaeda and ISIS, however, is that our mandate brings life, Truth, and hope for the future.

Like the opposition, we carry our vision out through the tool of media. Technology was given by the Lord to accelerate His Kingdom purposes. Like seed snatched up along the foot path, though, many times these new technologies are snagged by Satan to generate pain and mere profits in the areas of pornography, sex trafficking, and more, instead of being used for holistic, godly motives.

Are we keeping pace with those who use technology with evil intent? If ISIS can send out 90 tweets a minute about a dead and dangerous ideology, shouldn’t the Church be 1,000% more responsive in tweeting and using similar technologies to deliver a much more important, life-giving, global Message? That’s why GNPI has developed media strategies using relevant technologies to accelerate globally!

What’s your global plan?

*Name and source withheld for security purposes.


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