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“Take to heart all these words . . . it’s your life.” — Deuteronomy 32:47

It Is Amazing! Kpowbie Daniel, a Christian worker in Togo, writes about how much they appreciate their Solar Kit. Kpowbie says, “I just received some nice reports from one of my partner groups working in the northern areas. There is another group working among Muslims, and they too have similar reports. It is so amazing what the Lord is doing through this little yellow kit! We first trained them, gave them the kits, and the Holy Spirit is doing the rest. If there should be a way to have at least two more kits, we would be very happy.”

A Great Disconnect! Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Philippines writes, “Pray that our Holy Week episode of WWJD would continue to draw people to the Lord as people think about what they watched. We found that there is a great disconnect between our spiritual and public lives, and our episode addresses this. We also feature a born-again Catholic priest whose ministry is teaching people to read the Bible and that Jesus is the only way to heaven. Basically, we are also teaching that Holy Week is for the whole year, not just for a few days of the year.”

Presentation at La Presa! Abi Flores of GNPI-Mexico shares, “About 60 young people from the northern area of Coahuila, Mexico, held an activity of evangelism, where they visited a place called La Presa. They visited many homes sharing the Gospel of Jesus and praying for the families. The young people invited the families to gather in the main square where they sang some praises and heard the Message of salvation preached. By God’s grace, three people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. During this activity, the young people gave out materials produced by GNPI-Mexico, and we were delighted to hear how the children enjoyed the materials.”

Making Music Available! Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, says, “We are recording a 40-50 song track of popular songs among Christians for church services, VBS, meetings, etc. It will be a really useful tool, since some churches might not be able to afford instruments and technology. This will give many house churches and small gatherings a tool to attract youth in their services. Please pray for this project as we have completed 10 songs. We are also praying for the opportunity to air the Message of Christ on Easter on national TV.”

Oceans of Thanks! TP of SE Asia writes, “We offer oceans of thanks for your unceasing prayers. Because of your prayers, God is walking and working together with us. More people are coming to see the True God through our products. Many recommend our products, and they seriously need them. We believe that God will change the hearts of people who hear the Message through our tools and trainings. Please pray for us to be able to train trainers for evangelism, to have wisdom to produce effective products, and to protect and guide our staff.”

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